WTF!? Wednesday: Little Big Fantasy VII

The Caffeine Crew

Earlier this week, news broke out around the gaming community that the impossible has happened, and that Final Fantasy VII has been remade.

Now before you get crazy excited, I want you to take a deep breath because this is not what you were expecting. Although it is pretty damn impressive!

In the world of Playstation there is one game that gives players across the world the ability to create almost anything imaginable, and that is all thanks to a little burlap sack creature and the world of Little Big Planet. This week the 3rd entry (not counting handheld and Karting) was released in to the wild, and with it came new suites of tools, abilities, and characters to help expand the dreams of players creating their own unique experiences.

Thanks to the work of a man by the name of Jamie Colliver (and the obscene amount of time he must…

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