Who Killed Aerith?

Angry Narcissist is SUPER angry.

The Caffeine Crew

Once again I find myself disturbed by something FFVII related. It’s not only my favorite game, favorite story, inspiration and general reason for being, it also is the impetus for pretty horrible nightmares involving falling and being impaled and just generally being impaled. The fight scene in Advent Complete left me unable to eat for days, because I’m extremely empathetic and when I see someone essentially being sword raped, well I can kind of feel it. This is great for writing inspiration, but horrible for trying to sleep without waking in a cold sweat.

I found this video on YouTube since I go there daily to watch LPs, and wow. One, it made me realize that FFVII will be 17 years old this year, which then led me to my second realization that I’m going to be 34, which means I’ve been obsessed with this story for half my life…

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