Awesome Cosplay of the Day: 2/17/15

The Caffeine Crew

I wish I saw more FFIV cosplay, because my god I love that game. Yeah, we all know by now that VII is my favorite, but that’s like me saying, “Geez, I love breathing air.” I can love other things, too, and there’s a sad dearth of representation for Final Fantasy IV. I once tried to find some IV fanfic, and was grossly disappointed. I DID find one, which is still pretty good considering there’s an abundance of VII fanfiction and I only have about 10 stories and maybe that many authors in my favorites, but FFIV doesn’t even have its own category!  It’s lumped in with Final Fantasies I, II, and III. My cosplay board, too, is sadly lacking so when I do find one, it is quite a cause to rejoice. I was doubly lucky to locate a Cecil and Rosa one for the couples cosplay portion of…

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