The 777 Writing Challenge – Northern Lights

I can take no credit for the creation or even the dissemination of this challenge. It came from one of the bloggers I follow Lynette Noni who herself received it from another fellow blogger, but I was intrigued (it has three 7s in it come on!) and thought I’d give it a try.  I’m not going to tag anyone; I’m just going to post my piece (I also have NO idea how to do that…Wordpress fanciness is still a bit of a mystery for me, but I persevere).

I am not talented enough to copy and paste directly from pages (or I do not have the proper software in order to do so. I’m going with the lack of talent as an excuse…) the description below was captured on my phone, cropped, and sent to my email. I then saved the picture on my computer and added the media onto this post. More steps for less skills.


I am going to use the work I just recently finished and will soon be posting to this very site, the FFVII fanfiction Northern Lights. This is the first time I’ve blogged anything from this story although it has been the subject of many an #amwriting and #amediting post on Facebook and Twitter. So here goes…


He tilted his chin with a smirk toward the dark. “You should be thanking us.” Her captor squeezed her arm and Aeris forced the cry back down. “Such a waste to have you caged…” He pressed her hard against the wall feeling for himself the soft flesh that waited just beneath her cloak.

The flower girl lost all hope in prayer for help that would never come. She tried to wrench free, but he was far too strong and twisted her wrist until she screamed. Her nails were quite roughed from digging in dirt, and she raked them down his arm.


I hate this part of the story… so happy it occurs near the beginning.  I detest writing about things such as that, but sometimes it’s necessary to make a point, n’est-ce pas?  That truth doesn’t make it any easier.

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