The 777 Writing Challenge – The Serpent’s Tale Part I

I enjoyed the first 777 writing challenge so much that I decided to do it with my other WIP, a dark fantasy/paranormal romance entitled The Serpent’s Tale. Now this original novel has been shelved for a while. It’s actually completed, but I went through a whole lot of issues surrounding rejection, depression, and whatnot with the story over five years ago. Since then I’ve edited down the first part to under 120k words, but then I wrote a short story based off of it, then became buried under the yoke of Northern Lights, and all of my time and energy went towards that, but I think of The Serpent’s Tale quite often and hope that I’ll have some time to work on it this year. I do want to eventually go for publication, but it’s going to take a lot of time and a confidence boost (which is what I’m hoping Northern Lights will bring).

Anyway so here is the challenge for The Serpent’s Tale, which is a story in two parts.  This is from Part I.


In this season born from winter’s grip, the air held the wonder of potential, but Maya felt only emptiness burning to her core. A thin patina of sweat covered her brow, denying the cold its due.

She had said her goodbyes the night before after evening prayers. Throughout devotions, the normal silence fluttered with whispers like wings. Brother Alfreth’s leaky gaze more than often found her face, and the little maid was far more saddened by his unbidden tears.

Afterwards, Maya overheard Ilia and Orual giggling behind soft hands.

Nothing super exciting here really, just some Mean Girls-esque behavior and the worry of far worse things to come.

4 thoughts on “The 777 Writing Challenge – The Serpent’s Tale Part I

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