The 777 Writing Challenge – The Threads of Sorrow

So as you can tell I really like this little writing exercise/challenge. It doesn’t take much to get me to blather on about my work, and this 777 thing (along with having my favorite number) gives me ample excuse.

The Threads of Sorrow is my only published work available in the January/February 2013 issue of Separate Worlds, which I currently can’t find on the site *sigh* This is one of the many reasons I will be seeking another publication location for this tale since SW isn’t very well known, their website is not well organized, and they’re not very versatile among other things. I regret rushing the publication of this story, but I was so excited that someone, anyone was willing to accept it that I didn’t really consider all of the details. The journal didn’t appear to be a scam so I went with it to satisfy my need for validation. Now looking back I wish I’d waited, but thankfully, SW is okay with multiple publications so it’s a matter of me re-editing and finding another magazine of better repute that has a similar policy to the same.

“You are a dark angel who serves the queen.” It was not a question, but Uriel nodded still. “Could we not then just…fly to her throne?”

Her captor cocked his head to the side observing flushed cheeks and guileless features. There were none now living who’d ever dared asked where a dark angel might hide his wings.

            And are you so quick to face your fate, child? In torment he saw white steel weeping blood as cold as endless snows…

“No, little one,” he said as she shivered. “We shall take the mundane path. I shall reveal no horror to you.”

Can you tell I like stories about dark/fallen angels?  I don’t think they get enough love, and I love the idea of the redemptive fallen.  Redemption stories are my favorite.  It’s what draws me to such narratives as Les Misérable, and one of the many factors that prompted me to write Northern Lights.

I believe three shall be the magic number here as I’m currently out of WIP stories, but that will more than likely not be the case for long. I could also potentially use the second halves of stories. The world is full of possibilities.

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