Awesome Cosplay of the Day: 4/3/15

The Caffeine Crew

This is just an absolutely breathtaking Sansa Stark. Now I could go on about why I have an issue with all the hate poor Sansa gets, but why should I when fellow blogger and ASOIAF/GoT essayist Patrick Sponaugle does such a fantastic job of it? Seriously, if you’re any kind of ASOIAF/GOT fan you should follow his blog. He has defense essays for nearly every character imaginable (among other things), and it’s necessary. ASOIAF isn’t a straightforward story with simple/one dimensional characters. It is really a sweeping study on humanity, serving to show that decisions are rarely simple and that actions have consequences. There are only a few characters (in the literally thousands) that I can’t find some defense for (Qyburn is really the only one. That guy is a complete monster).

Anyway, this close up cosplay of Sansa Stark shows both her delicate features and intricate hair…

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