Chapter 20 – Rising Shadow

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Disclaimer: Final Fantasy VII, its characters, and settings are all property of Square Enix so I can take no credit nor claim any ownership of that. I do take some credit for the story’s plot.
Artwork Disclaimer: The featured artwork for this chapter is entitled FF7 – Sephiroth and was created by Deviant Artist Ninjatic All rights belong to the artist, and the work is used graciously with permission here.
“So farewell hope, and with hope farewell fear,
Farewell remorse; all good to me is lost…”
-John Milton “Paradise Lost”

FF7___Sephiroth_by_NinjaticThe sun was far higher than Aeris was used to and the Planet laughed below. It was the tiniest seam between the curtains that let the light find her eyes. Her bed was empty, but memory remained and as usually he’d wrapped her in blankets. The flower girl yawned and slowly sat up, chestnut locks falling around. She gave a little gasp while clearing her hair, not expecting to be so sore, but bit back the smile on her lips for that hadn’t been a dream.

Rubbing her eyes, she peered to her nightstand to see rising wisps of steam. A cup of tea rested there, perfectly warm to her clasping hands. How does he always know? she wondered as earl grey eased her tongue. The covers slipped down to bare a pale shoulder as the flower girl smelled something else. Decidedly breakfast had crept up the stairs, items she did not have. The mystery was almost as sweet as her drink, but her mind fluttered to other things. Looking down she found her castaway clothes and the blue ribbon tumbled upon. The dress was slipped over with bow tied tight when the Planet said she should look up.

A shiver danced along Aeris’s skin at the sight of emerald and pale. He was garbed in all black as per his normal with the pauldrons still gone. Silver swept over down to his knees, and the high bangs framed his face. Aeris stood, running straight into his arms to Sephiroth’s still sweet surprise.

“Awake now at last, my little flower?” he chuckled, easily sweeping her up. Her skin like fresh cream and that dress oh so white melded against leather black. He was holding her high with only one arm so reached up to find her lips. Aeris cupped his face in her small palms, as he covered half of hers with his one. Sephiroth carried her back to the rumpled bed, setting her down as he sank to his knees.

“What time is it?” Aeris asked while clutching the hands on her thighs.

“After one.” The general kissed her brow shaking stray strands from his face.

“Oh gods,” she gasped, glancing toward the window. “Did I really sleep that long?”

“Well…” He couldn’t hide the smile like a cat in the cream. “You did have quite a long night.”

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The Shadow

Every time I see the picture for this macro, I think of the song “Forty Six and 2” by Tool.

There’s also this amazing version done by some very talented children.

So I had to make a macro for it.  It was appropriate on so many levels, especially when you consider the song itself is about the next stage in human evolution, the “forty six” being the number of current human chromosomes and the “2” being the additional ones we’ll gain in the change, and Sephiroth could definitely be the paragon of that.  Granted, his was a forced evolution and ordained by horror rather than nature, but whether you’re killed by fire or ice you are still just as dead.

Sephiroth My ShadowPicture source can be found here (though the above seems to have removed the words from the source).

The words are (as mentioned) from Tool’s “Forty Six and 2.

Neither words nor picture belong to me.

Chapter 19 – With Love Upon Your Name

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Disclaimer: Final Fantasy VII, its characters, and settings are all property of Square Enix so I can take no credit nor claim any ownership of that. I do take some credit for the story’s plot.
Artwork Disclaimer: I did not make and therefore own no rights to the featured artwork. It was created by artist Acorar (according to the site) and the source for it can be found on the Destined Dynasty Warriors Wiki. I was unable to locate a way to contact the artist and was therefore unable to ask permission before featuring their work. If you are the artist, I apologize profusely for this transgression and will gladly remove this picture from this and all other sites at your request.

Warning: Discussions of rape and sexual assault.

“I love her not for the way she danced with my angels,
but for the way the sound of her name could silence my demons.”
-Christopher Poindexter
“We are all damaged, but because of her, I am beautifully sewn.”
-Christopher Poindexter

Sephiroth Possibly Weeping

Sephiroth put her down though he could hold her forever, nor was Aeris averse to that plan. It was quite late and the Whispers soft slept, but the Cetra was buzzing with energy. She clasped his gloved hands before going upstairs to shower and change her clothes. The forest, her attackers, the cold, and the all fear soon gurgled down the drain. She did catch of whiff of stray soft vanilla, sad to lose that to base shampoo. But he’s here now. He brought me back and promised never to leave me again. The thought was naughty that had her biting her lip as her hands worked through the tangles.

Aeris didn’t know why she put on that dress, white and blue as a winter’s day. The same one she’d worn in the Whispers that had made his eyes smolder hot jade. She had a blue ribbon to tie up her tresses in a high braid on her head. The clock on the stand flashed near ten, and Aeris blushed as she stared in the mirror. It seemed a strange time to prepare for a date. Oh dear gods, is that what I’m doing? To go downstairs and see my general, so beautiful, sad, and pale. The thought of him biding by the window brought the maid a smile. He’d have his hands behind his back, Mako eyes piercing the sea. Her heart fell then at this inner image for he’d been like that on the last day.

She didn’t wear shoes. There was no need as she slipped down the stairs. Her general was just as she’d pictured facing the waves, his silver locks mocking the foam. It looked so much paler against his black coat as she couldn’t help running to him. He never moved until the last moment when her hand nearly brushed his hair. Whirling about Sephiroth swept her up high as the flower girl’s gasp changed to laughter. It was so incongruent, her mirth in his grip, and he could only stare up for long moments.

“Um, Seph?” Aeris giggled, wriggling a bit as she clutched at his strong hands. The gloves were now gone and she was delighted at the smooth skin beneath her palms. He was far too careful to ever hurt her, but she wanted to be in his arms. Slowly Sephiroth brought her down to hold where his skin did bare. She glided her hands along his wide shoulders since the armor had been removed. Beneath was still as firm as stone cloaked in leather black. He buried his face into chestnut hair that held her soft summer scent, while Aeris shut her eyes lulled by a rhythm that took strength from its pain.

“I’ve never heard your heart so sad…did you find what you were seeking?”

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The Promises of Darkness

This macro has the distinction of being the first one I’ve posted where the words are my own.  The picture of course is not.  I have no talent for the visual arts, and must rely on those far better for these renderings.

Sephiroth The Promises of DarknessPicture source is located here.

As stated prior the words are mine from Northern Lights, in a later chapter that has yet to be posted.  I think it’s something we should all remember.  Not to say that a dark path won’t lead to a bright ending, but trusting the promises of darkness will only herald your downfall.

Chapter 18 – When the Forest Sleeps

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Disclaimer: Final Fantasy VII, its characters, and settings are all property of Square Enix so I can take no credit nor claim any ownership of that. I do take some credit for the story’s plot.
Artwork Disclaimer: The below picture is located here. It was neither created nor does it belong to me.
Author’s Musical Note:  Two suggestions this time.  There will be a moment in this chapter where The Water Is Wide/O Waly Waly will be appropriate and where the opening song from Frozen, the Vuelie, is, as well.  I don’t want to say specifically where as to not give anything away, but I think you will know where each is appropriate, so I have provided links.  I listened to both of these songs while writing/editing, and they created a perfect, chilling mood.  There’s a third song I can’t believe I forgot (I’m adding this final part on July 27, 2016 so quite some time after posting).  It’s right in the beginning when Aeris is on the train (hell the last chapter would find it fitting, too).  “I Thought About You” by Frank Sinatra helped inspire this and the Chapter 17 scene.  Interestingly enough I recall the song usage in the movie Michael in which the characters are most certainly missing the titular angel, so it’s meta-fitting.

Warning: Potential rape and vulgar language.

“One may tolerate a world of demons for the sake of an angel.”
-Doctor Who

Winter Forest 2Trains are sleepy when woken that early and the before dawn thrummed in mauve. Aeris stayed awake so fueled by coffee clothed in brown dress and green coat. It was a bit warm, but it was better than laying the thick garment over her lap. She swung a crossed leg with heavy boot so it bumped against the seat. Her bag lay across her stomach while her staff was loose in her hand. She was happy the car was empty as she felt the tickle against her breast. Smiling with barest sheen of pink, the flower maid closed a fist to her heart. The black feather hidden from wandering eyes was her only tangible memory.

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Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 10 – Mother’s Mercy

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We come to it at last…the final episode, the grand finale of the fifth season: Mother’s Mercy, an ironic, bitter title as we shall soon see.  Things happened as book readers expected and as many astute show only watchers foretold.  The threads of many plots came to fruition for good or for ill, and what many believe was the weakest season yet came to a bloody close, but we shall get to that.  Let me do my customary though obvious warning and say…

…and now we can begin.

The concept of “mercy” is almost laughably absent in this episode, but it is the very lack off it which makes it so profound.  Mercy is represented by Chesed on the Tree of Life, but as mentioned in my S5E9 analysis for every Sephirah there is a shadow/averse Sephirah and Chesed is not immune.  This episode was the antithesis of mercy and all of the players fell into that cold, shadowy abyss left by the absence of light. We are plunged into a world without hope where our best intentions end in failure and our purest motives are stained with blood.

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