Til Human Voices Wake Us…

Even before the FFVII remake announcement, I was planning and creating macros mostly based on Final Fantasy VII artwork.  Since I am currently embroiled in posting Northern Lights, which uses a picture and a quote for each chapter, it doesn’t seem a far jump that I would begin to put some of these  together.  I have a tab in my OneNote app dedicated to compiling quotes that strike me whether or not I have a particular picture in mind.  I did post a specific one for Mother’s Day here, but over the past few weeks I have been wildly making them and posting them on my tumblr.  I’m thinking of creating a folder on Facebook, but that will take more bravery than I can muster right now.  FB is my least favorite social media site in term of support and validation.  WordPress is one of my favorites.  I’ve received nothing but positive feedback, met many wonderful people, and follow so many fantastic blogs.  Tumblr; however, truly makes me feel like I belong ♥  It’s where the fangirls are 🙂 So here is my first macro (besides the fore mentioned). I may schedule these out as I have quite a few.  All pictures and quotes will be given sources, if the former source can be locate.  I will also make sure to disavow any claims to all artwork and any quotes that are not mine.

Disclaimer:  Neither the picture nor the quote belong to me. Aeris and the Prufrock PoemPicture source is located here.
The words are from The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock by TS Eliot. Sorry the picture is fuzzy.  The original is small and didn’t take kindly to being enlarged.  There’s a much better version here on my tumblr. More to come!

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