Better Left Alone

I may start scheduling these out to do on Mondays because Macro Mondays has a nice ring to it, but I really wanted to share this today, so I’m already going to break my own and newly set rule.

This one…ah this one.  So I had a bit of a melancholy morning today.  I woke up from a dream in tears.  That happens every once in a while.  I had a dream and morning revelation combination.  Have I explained my morning revelations yet?  I feel like I did in my FFVII Remake post, but just in case, here’s a quick recap.

Actually, hell, here’s the link to the video I made.  It’s thirteen minutes long so if you don’t have time or ability to watch I will give a quick explanation.

I’ll often wake up with the culmination or solidification of some thought/idea in my head.  Many of my better FFVII and ASOIAF theories have come about this way e.g. Jon Snow equals Jesus, the FFVII/FFIV connection, etc., and I always make sure to note them down.  This morning I awoke around 5:30, which was better than waking up at 4:00 as I have been, and the leading thought in my head was “Melisandre is the darkest mother of all and she’s going to find me with her glowing red eyes.”  I then proceeded to hide under the covers where the half dream I was in continued to play out, and I heard voices constantly asking “Where’s my mother?  Where’s my mother?”  *sigh*  I had a dream like this before about a week ago where the same thing was asked, but I couldn’t tell if they were saying “Where” or “Who.”  Either way I had a sad both times and was melancholy for most of the day

I had other words planned for this picture, but I was listening to the song so used and image popped into my head, and it was brilliant and heartbreaking.  I may reuse the picture for the other, but for now…

Disclaimer: Neither the picture nor the quote belong to me.

Sorry again for the fuzziness.  They seem to come out small and when stretched become distorted.  A clearer version is available here.

Sephiroth Better Left AloneThe picture source is located here.  If you’re following/reading Northern Lights on here, you’ll see this image again very soon.
The words are from Mary Fahl’s “Better Left Alone,” which I am not able to find anywhere online, not even YouTube.  It’s really a shame because it’s a wonderful song.

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