The Shadow

Every time I see the picture for this macro, I think of the song “Forty Six and 2” by Tool.

There’s also this amazing version done by some very talented children.

So I had to make a macro for it.  It was appropriate on so many levels, especially when you consider the song itself is about the next stage in human evolution, the “forty six” being the number of current human chromosomes and the “2” being the additional ones we’ll gain in the change, and Sephiroth could definitely be the paragon of that.  Granted, his was a forced evolution and ordained by horror rather than nature, but whether you’re killed by fire or ice you are still just as dead.

Sephiroth My ShadowPicture source can be found here (though the above seems to have removed the words from the source).

The words are (as mentioned) from Tool’s “Forty Six and 2.

Neither words nor picture belong to me.

One thought on “The Shadow

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