Porcelain, Ivory, Steel

Whilst organizing my favorites on Deviant Art (linked for the curious), I came across this glory of a cosplay.  The eyes alone send a delicious chill down my spine, and the moment I saw it, Sansa’s words popped into my head.

Earlier that day I’d come across a Sephiroth RP blog that was called “Ivory and Steel.”  His skin is like ivory and his hair could match steel, and as for porcelain, how easily does it shatter?  When he broke, the two others became a veneer for the horror that did invade.

Sephiroth - Porcelain, Ivory, and Steel

Neither the quote nor the picture are mine.

The original (and clearer) image can be found here and is from the stunning NanjoKoji.

The quote source is linked above.  It is from George R R Martin’s A Storm of Swords.

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