Black Feathers and Bitter Blood

The lovely Ferasha (Isidora), both gorgeous and sweet, cosplays my favorite character of all time, the infamous and beautiful Sephiroth.  Because there was no way I could just choose one, I had to showcase several.

08202015 1

The best wing I’ve ever seen.

She has offered little old me succor in my own cosplay adventures, and I would be a fool to not accept such aid.

It is a mark of master craftsmanship that the wing looks just as good from the back.

08202015 2

Black feathers and bitter blood…

The beautifully formed and dark scenery behind her just adds to the ambiance and chill.

The oncoming storm...

“The oncoming storm…”

The work and detail that went into both the costume and the photo editing is glorious, and Ferasha is not only a mistress of the costume craft, but she puts equal weight on the “play” part of the word.  If I saw her stage performance of Sephiroth, I’m sure I would die joyfully and in tears.

Into the nothing...

“Into the nothing…”

And the wing folds up.  There is a mechanism in it to do so.  Though I believe she’s at least a level 70 wizard, she is willing to divulge some of these sweet secrets.  The smirk below is the one she uses for Cersei who I always thought grinned like a cat in the cream…more than appropriate for Sephiroth with his catty eyes and ability to appear anywhere at anytime.

"Death shall open up its grave..."

“Death shall open up its grave…”

Her facebook page can be found here and I am not ashamed to be a follower of this Seph.

2 thoughts on “Black Feathers and Bitter Blood

    • She is so incredible AND one of the nicest people I’ve ever talked to. She added a few more pictures. I should update and I should do one with her as Cersei. I love when people are awesome at what they do and nice. She even offered little ole me help with my cosplay shenanigans!

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