Cosplay Confessional – The My Little Pony Edition

I was on the fence today about what post to draft: this one or an article about the five fictional characters I most connect with.  I finally figured out the last one yesterday, but…only one of the five is a character  who doesn’t present the missing mother/lost child motif, and right now I can’t take any more of that despair.  So I decided to work on my much neglected Cosplay Confessional series, which I haven’t touched in some months (Part 1 and Part 2 so linked).  This time it’s nothing but My Little Pony and I talk about my hoped for Halloween costume this year (I also hope it turns out better than last…)

MLP is one of the few fandoms I’m a part of that doesn’t resonate with sadness.  Oh it has its sorrowful moments, but that’s not its general mien.  My favorite episode of season 5 so far is the latest with Princess Luna, and it’s a sad redemptive/remorseful motif where your past deeds so haunt you that they destroy the present’s peace.  It’s a good lesson, but by far, the episodes are far more upbeat instead of dire.

There are several cosplays I’ve garnered from MLP and thus I begin with…


FluttershyFluttershy is my favorite of the Mane Six, and indeed, she is the long sought after fifth character I most connect with.  Even though I present as far less, er, fluttershy, she is still my spirit animal.  I share my favoritism of her with quite a few of my friends

and nicely people have started to procure me Fluttershy paraphernalia  such as a phone case


Grumpy selfie

in addition to a My Little Pony Monopoly game, which has ALL of the Mane Six (of course).

I haven’t played it yet, but I’m sure there will be fights over who gets to be Flutters.

So I considered attempting a Fluttershy cosplay/Halloween costume, but…well, if you’ve been following along you know I’m more of a Goth girl, and Fluttershy is much more into pastels.

This lovely little creature here.

This lovely little creature here.

Disagree with me if you want, but she’s kind of the Aeris of the Mane Six with her affinity for nature, sweet disposition but no nonsense manner when it comes to what’s important.  This may be another reason why I like her so.

Behold this excellent example

Behold this excellent example

In order to pull her off I’d need yellow and/or pink pastel dress, yellow wings, a pink wig, yellow ears, and her Element of Harmony necklace.  I could probably find all of these items on Etsy or Amazon except for the wings, which I’d more than likely have to make, and the Shameful Narcissist is not good at making things, though I did find a decent wing tutorial, and in theory this should be fine, but in practice it wouldn’t be perfect and I’m a perfectionist.

Exhibit B

Exhibit B

So owing to all of these reasons, I decided to shelf Fluttershy before she could even flutterfy and move on to someone more arguably (and surprisingly) feasible whom is none other than…

Princess Celestia

The majestic one

The majestic one

“But SN,” you say, “how is Princess Celestia simpler than Fluttershy?  She has way more stuff going on!”  Ah, you see while Celestia may have more accoutrements, her wings are white!  I can find those easily especially since Halloween is coming

Thanks Ned. Will you be going as the Headless Horseman? Awwww, too soon?

and I should conceivably be able to find a nice pair of them.

Princess Celestia Cosplay 6

Like these charming ones here.

This was what I originally thought before I started my search for the perfect cosplay accessories and then realized it was going to be a lot more complicated than I’d initially considered.

Princess Celestia Cosplay 5Celestia not only has white wings (and the ones above have clearly been finely crafted.  No store bought pinions here), but also the white dress (not too difficult), rainbow wig (accessible if expensive), crown (doable as well), ears (usually come with the crown), horn (yup, got that), necklace (erm, maybe I can find that…somewhere), bracers (I could…modify something possibly), and gold sunbelt (flips table looking for it).  So while there are quite a few of her pieces available for purchase order through Etsy, a couple would need to be (poorly) fashioned by yours truly.

Princess Celestia 4

Yeah…I couldn’t do this by myself.

This is what comes of not wanting a “common” cosplay (e.g. I can buy Sephiroth’s coat on Amazon, though I will probably patronize someone on Etsy for that particular gem of a garment), and I realized I was going to be getting in faaaar deeper than I could originally fathom.

I pray for good cosplay, too Celestia.

I pray for good cosplay, too Celestia.

While I’d love this for a Halloween costume, though the wings are fairly simple, the other factors are just too much especially considering I need to concentrate on my main cosplay project.  So Celestia, while I love you and will hopefully play you one day

Princess Celestia Cosplay 2

Please, please!

I must put such grandiose dreams on the shelf for right now

Grandiose is not a great enough word.

Grandiose is not a grandiose enough word.

though, I may be able to use the white dress for…


Princess RarityRarity is my second favorite of the Mane Six.  Now don’t ask me to order my favorite ponies in general because I don’t know what I’d say; I’m not sure where the princesses fit in let alone the remaining for Maners.  I have more of an affinity for Luna than Celestia (that whole redemption thing is a hugely favorite motif of mine for obvious reasons), but more on that later…

With no wings (despite what the above picture may suggest to you.  Don’t be fooled!), Rarity may be a possibility for Halloween this year.

The floofy sleeves!

The floofy sleeves!

I would need a white dress, which I may have found.

Rarity DressI would need to add a dark purple ribbon or sash in addition to the diamond cutie mark.  Then I’d need a purple wig, her Element of Harmony necklace, a horn, ears, and fancy “diamond” encrusted shoes.

No rainbow wings though.

No rainbow wings though.

Possibly a stuffed Opalescence.

Rarity Cosplay 6

Or a real one. I love kitties!

The hardest part would be the dress because I’d have to modify that to include the cutie mark.  The wig is a bit expensive, but well worth the money.  The horn, ears, and Element are all available on Etsy.

Rarity Cosplay 4Oh and possibly her red framed glasses and opera length gloves..

Rarity CosplayWill your Narcissist be able to pull it off?  Only time will tell.  The dress needs to be purchased first, and I’m a bit impoverished right now from buying $250 custom contact lenses; however…this exorbitant purchase may serve me well in my final potential pony project of…

Princess Luna or Nightmare Moon

Princess Luna or Nightmare Moon

When darkness falls.

To many, Princess Luna is the best princess, and well, there’s a soft spot in my heart for the broken and the penitent, goodness knows that’s true.  The last episode of MLP (anywhere wtf?!  It’s only the 13th or so??) is about Luna dealing with that selfsame guilt and how it might destroy both her and Equestria if she doesn’t learn how to forgive herself.

Princess Luna

“You can’t live your life being afraid of what you are.” –Northern Lights

The one advantage I have for doing Nightmare Moon specifically is I already have the proper contact lenses!

Nightmare Moon

Cat eyes equal insta-evil.

But…there are quite a few other items I would need to procure.  A dress (obviously), wig, horn, ears, crown, necklace with Luna (or NM’s) insignia, and the all important wings.

Princess Luna Cosplay 2I hoped that Princess Luna or Nightmare Moon just had black wings, but I think they’re more blue, which complicates things.  Black wings I can find in abundance especially since Halloween is nigh, and I think I could pull them off (shudders) without looking too unauthentic.

Princess Luna CosplayPrincess Luna Cosplay 3But I think I’d run into the same snags with this cosplay as I would with the Princess Celestia one.  I’d want her bracers and I’d probably have to make them, although it might be worth it to have (another) excuse (not that I need one) to wear fishnet stockings.  Though Luna seems less…overdone than Celestia.  The moon has always been the subtle sister, n’est-ce pas?

So if I were to rank these cosplays by order of complexity, I’d have to go:

  1. Princess Celestia
  2. Fluttershy
  3. Princess Luna
  4. Rarty

Ironically, Rarity would be the easiest as her accoutrements are far less…rare.  Also I could pull off a Mid-Atlantic accent with ease.  I…just realized it’s the accent I was taught to sing in.  Holy cow…that’s why I read that way.  Well I’m going to revel in this revelation for a bit and bid you all adieu

My fourth and (purportedly) final Cosplay Confessional will be a hodgepodge of what’s left unless I can think of a theme.

Until then!

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