Candle on the Water – FFVII: Sephiroth and Lucrecia

My second video came together much quicker than my first though I did run into the same problem with the credits, but I also garnered more insight.  I thought the credits were based on line count, but they’re based on time.  You can get around 100 seconds in before you start seeing the vertical lines.

This one is about Sephiroth and Lucrecia, the true mother never known, and the entire reason I wrote Northern Lights. This ignorance is also the catalyst in my defense of him.  I can’t lie and say this video wasn’t tough to make at some points, nor can I claim not to have cried a little.  It’s heart-wrenching for an empathetic person like me, but like everything I put any effort into, I felt it had to be accomplished.

I’m not sure what my next one will be.  I have Sarah McLachlan’s Angel in mind, but there’s also the classic O Danny Boy that I mention in Chapter 25 (don’t click if you haven’t read the preceding 24 chapters!), or Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal by Alfred, Lord Tennyson, which would be for Aeris alone.  So I suppose my next video endeavor will be a surprise.  It appears you can do AMVs with WMM, but I may wait until I obtain Sony Vegas, which is far superior software.

2 thoughts on “Candle on the Water – FFVII: Sephiroth and Lucrecia

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