Writings to Come

I’m in the process of editing the next installment of my Editing of Northern Lights posts (so…I’m meta-editing I suppose), and I noticed that was the last post I put up.  Now, while I know this is of course my blog so my rules, I like to attempt to keep some variety and not post the same type of thing in a row.  Unfortunately, I don’t have the time or the wherewithal to post anything legitimate, so I figured I’d do a “to do” writing/post list just for my own sense of organization, which would be nonsensical to a rationally thinking person though who really is the prime authority on rationality?

Also, if I post what I’m planning here, I will (arguably) be more than likely to follow through though I was pleasantly surprised to be able to check off a few more items on my Writings to Come tab on OneNote.  I’m making progress people albeit slowly.


  • A Song of FFVII – Comparative essays that examine the shared paradigms, motifs, symbolism, and (speculated) inspiration of my two favorite narratives: Final Fantasy VII and A Song of Ice and Fire  Some examples include Norse Mythology, Paradise Lost, the Book of Revelations, and Jungian Psychology to name a few.
  • Fantasy Lost – a working title for an essay that explores the almost blatant inspiration of Paradise Lost on the narrative of Final Fantasy VII
  • What Makes the Best Fantasy – another working title for an essay that attempts to delve into what elements are the necessary foundation for well written fantasy.
  • The Defense of FFVII – while the announcement of the remake has for the most part been positive, there have been some…detractors.  This essay is meant to perhaps not completely silence but offer a rebuttal to often ill-informed opinions about an epic story and game.  It irritates me that I even have to consider writing something like this, because FFVII’s worth is so blatant to me, but I’m always questioning and reexamining so as to stave off the perils of being biased.
  • The Five Fictional Characters I Connect With – inspired by another blogger’s post of similar name (I’ll obviously reference who the blogger in once I write it), this essay/article will explore and expound upon the five (or so) characters in fiction/fantasy that I most identify with and understand.


  • Dear Esther (Video Game) – I have the notes written up for this, I just need the time to put them together into a post.
  • Final Fantasy III (Video Game) – I still need to finish watching the LP of it.
  • Paradise Lost (Book) – currently finished Book IV and about to start Book V.  I have a LOT to say about Milton’s epic poem.

Video Slideshows

  • “Fallen” by Sarah McLachlan – Current WIP.  Another video that features Aeris and Sephiroth but only mostly this time instead of all.
  • “Angel” by Sarah McLachlan – Sarah is a good source for Aeriseph slideshows.  She was my favorite singer/songwriter when I was in high school in the ’90s aaaaaand now I’ve dated myself 🙂
  • “The Last Rose of Summer” performed by Laura Wright – this one should speak for itself if you know of Aeris’s status as a flower girl
  • “Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal” performed by Laura Wright – see above and Laura is another singer whose performance choices mesh so well with either Aeris or Aeriseph.  She mostly sings the works of classic poets like Yeats or Tennyson put to music, and it’s fascinating to me how well the verse and my OTP align.

There are actually a lot more essays, articles, and examinations I didn’t include on here.  The ones so seen are on my near future radar (and my Writings to Come tab), but I may be struck by other inspiration in the interim and surprise you.

If you’re an FFVII or (omg this would be AMAZING) Aeriseph fan, and there’s a song you know that you believe would go well with them, let me know!  If I know it and never thought of that, I love revelations, and if I don’t know I love new music that might give me new revelations and the fodder for new slideshows.  I am also interesting in making AMVs, but baby steps.  I didn’t include the ones I’m considering for that very reason.

Until later dearest blog followers!

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