The 777 Writing Challenge – The Broken Rose

It’s been seven month since I did my last 777 writing challange, and that just seems like a perfect time to do another.  This is the story I was talking about in my NaNoWriMo post earlier, the one I was very mum about on the details.  I shall continue to be a bit mum, but since it is my WIP I thought it only fair to use it for the “challenge,” too.  Like Northern Lights before it, The Broken Rose is an FFVII fanfiction pairing Aeris and Sephiroth.  The world is similar to NL, but circumstances are a bit… different.

As with the prior 777 challenges, I’m not going to tag anyone (I know how to do that now, at least.  It’s super easy and I feel like such a dunce for my prior ignorance).  If you’d like to do it feel free!  I shall not be the one to stop you, and I’d love if you tagged me in your post so I can see 🙂

777 Writing Challenge

“You’re so strong…” she whispered, her eyes trembling up, the hollows so stark on pale skin. “So much stronger than all the others. You’ll…you’ll hurt me…” Her voice was so tiny.
“I never will Aeris,” he promised her then. “You’ll never be hurt by me or anyone again.” Sephiroth sighed. “Yes, I am very strong, but what that means is I can protect you, little one.”
Mako boiled within his eyes as emerald pulsed down in rue. “Yes. It means ‘to keep safe. To guard. To never allow any harm.’”
“Safe…” She repeated blinking confused. “A-Am I safe now?”
“Aeris, you are utterly safe.” He pressed her close where the beat of his heart couldn’t lie.

…I wish I could say this story wasn’t even worse than this seems.  It is extremely challenging to write; it’s even harder to edit since that’s the time I’m actually taking the words in.  I have also recorded myself reading some of the parts out loud (the above excerpt being one of them).  That’s the most difficult of all.  I…would love to try my hand (?) at voice acting, but since that’s another pipe dream, I must be content with recording myself reading either my own writing or someone else’s.  Hearing it back is even harder than saying/recording it..

Hope you enjoyed this little excerpt!

Until later.


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