NaNoWriMo 2015 Daily Word Count: 11/2/15

I have achieved more words today though for the past few nights I’ve been “cheating.”  Well not cheating perhaps, but I’m currently running off of extensive notes that took me quite a few days to put together.  No “writing” was done in those few days…save for the note taking of course, but I didn’t add to my word count on…Word so nothing official was completed (in my perfectionist world).  I’m hoping once I complete this part/chapter, I’ll be able to both take and organize notes, while still retaining enough energy to write my thousand.

Word Count: 1430

Word Count: 1430

If you’re observant, you might notice that yesterday’s ending is not today’s beginning.  I think maybe I wrote some extra words after I posted yesterday.  It looks like an additional 27.  I suppose I could do total word count based on what the start was, n’est-ce pas?

Total Word Count: 2482

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