NaNoWriMo 2015 Daily Word Count: 11/7/15

I needed to break with my typical tradition today, shed my writing vampire status and etch out a thousand words before sunset.  I’m going to a trivia contest with my brother that runs from 7-11 and there’s no promise I’ll be awake enough to write once I return.  It appears as though I can do so before dark though to be honest, I already had most of the words down in my notes.  However, this one line was utterly impromptu and I believe it’s my favorite of the day.

“I could shut my eyes and read the pain that flows beneath his skin. The memory there is deeper than shadows and more hidden than a tear in the waves, but I can see it sometimes in his face when he sheds the mask for me.”

Word Count: 1175

Word Count: 1175

Total Word Count: 9838

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