“The truth will transform you…”

I was in the mood to make some macros for Northern Lights’ blurb so I did.

Northern Lights Blurb

This is the cover I use for Fanfiction.net so I figured it would be appropriate.  I’m thinking of making macros for all of the chapter pictures with their respective quotes and chapter titles.  I might use them for covers when I finally get around to recording myself reading the story aloud and posting it on YouTube.  It’s looking now that this might be a goal for 2016.  I like the filter for this one, how it gives the title a reddish cast and makes that one streak very pink.  I love this picture because it’s both the aurora AND a meteor.  It’s just so appropriate.

Northern Lights Blurb3

But out of the two this one is my favorite.  I LOVE the bursting white and how the title is sort of fuzzy and faded like it’s melting into the lights.  It…actually kind of looks like a book cover or inside flap where the blurb would go.  If I took out the blurb it would look more like a book cover, n’est-ce pas?  Ah pipe dreams hehe. That would be an amazing day that will never occur.  Squeenix would never allow it, but a fangirl can dream.I just changed my Fanfiction.net picture to this with the words and all.  I may make some more.  I have over 500 pictures of the northern lights/aurorae on my Pinterest.  Might as well make use of them.

Which one do you like the best?


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