NaNoWriMo 2015 Daily Word Count: 11/9/15

In the midst of jazzercise (which I had to leave early again today, ugh…) I had an endorphin revelation that this WIP doesn’t have any overt “mother issues.”  I guess I figured its subject matter is enough of a feel-fest without including that paradigm.  My latest past works have all contained that: Northern Lights, my latest fanfiction; The Serpent’s Tale, the novel that’s indefinitely on the shelf; and Threads of Sorrow, my short story that isn’t published how I’d like it to be.  *sigh*  So what I have to show for my writing is a fanfiction, a failed/rejected novel, and a short story published in an unknown journal.  Hooray.

Ugh, let me try to rally some…optimism?  Never been much good at that.  Let’s just have today’s word count.

Word Count: 1058

Word Count: 1058

Total Word Count: 12425

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