NaNoWriMo Update

I did write my thousand words tonight, dear people, but I’m too tired to properly post them. Like everything I do, there’s a process. I have to send the pics of the word count before and after, download and save it to my computer, create a collage, then use that in my post. The arithmetic is the easiest part. Afterwards, I have to do blog logistics like adding the new post to my NaNoWriMo page and menu.

I’m sure this is all fascinating to you… Needless to say just writing the words was difficult enough. I’ve cut down on coffee so didn’t have any this day or the last. Earlier both I had tea, but that’s not enough to sustain me after working out. Tomorrow I think I’ll break my trend and indulge after work. I’ll update today’s NaNoWriMo post, if possible write a book review (I just finished it today), and hopefully get another editing post out.

Anyway I just wanted to post this quick(?) update from my phone as I lay exhausted in bed. I hope all of you fine folks have a finer night.

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