NaNoWriMo 2015 Daily Word Count: 11/17/15

No writing today either.  I came home from jazzercise and ate dinner while drinking my new concoction of sangria and orange juice.  I believe that may have been my downfall.  I did play a bit of this old NES puzzle game called The Adventures of Lolo 3, which I grew up with credit it with helping me hone my problem solving skills.  Even today I still play it when I can because it really fosters critical thinking.  So a big old raspberry to anyone who says video games can’t be educational.  I mean…if you’re going to come to my blog and say that, I’d show you the door anyway.  Do you have any idea how much I’ve learned from FFVII???  I currently am the student of an entire religious system because of it so I say good day to you, sir or madam.

I’m an alcohol lightweight and I was also still (and am) dealing with the emotional fallout from the past weekend in addition to just being absolutely tired of fighting in general.  There’s been a LOT going on in news, politics, social justice, etc. as I’m sure you all know, and I’m the type of person who cannot keep silent when fuckery is afoot.  It really rankles me to do so; therefore, I usually speak up. In some cases though I must refrain, and I abhor that because silence only helps the oppressor, and hypocrisy seems to be rampant in some circles. I’m also insanely sensitive and can be wounded by the slightest cruel word.  You can probably surmise what kind of problems this would cause.

*deep breath*

Anyway…what I want to impart is that no writing happened this day either, so my word counts stands at yesterday’s total.

Total Word Count: 19409

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