NaNoWriMo 2015 Daily Word Count: 11/19/15

No thousand words today.  I didn’t even finish doing my reread/quick edit of what I wrote yesterday.  I did augment a conversation and more importantly found a major note I, er, wrote a while ago.  I believe I am getting into, well not the homestretch, but the story is winding down.  A pivotal point just happened, and there’s really only two (maybe three) more left.  That seems like a lot, but one of them is the thing that has to happen in an MA rated paranormal romance.  I’ll wait while you figure that out 😉

I have a best line or rather a “line I like.”  As mentioned before it’s hard to find ones with this story because one, I try to avoid names (I have my reasons), and two, the nature of the tale.  I’d prefer not to need content warnings on these posts.

“…but he could not let her go. Won’t let her go. This is your will, that hideous monster that caused… He shunned it, refused it, would not give it name as emanations of love filled his darkness.”
Word Count:

Word Count: 201

Total Word Count: 21250

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