Rue’s Whistle and The Great Northern Cave

I saw the first Mockingjay movie this weekend (it was phenomenal btw.  I had very few complaints.   This is not a review, so I shall not be airing them here), and ever since I’ve had Rue’s four note whistle stuck in my head, but then…something changed.  Another song began to worm its way into my brain at the same time (it happens quite often with me).  It was the music played in the Northern Cave in FFVII, and I realized it began with those same four notes.  Well…not exactly.  I’m trying to figure out the difference.  I want to say Rue’s song is major and the NC music is minor, but I think they’re both minor.  It would take too much effort for me to set up my keyboard and figure this out so I’m just going to post links to both songs.

With the Northern Cave song you have to wait about 20 seconds for the music to start.

Can you hear the similarities?


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