NaNoWriMo 2015 Daily Word Count: 11/21/15

Today I took part in an argument that drained me to the core.  It centered around a certain defense essay, and now I’m just tired and sad.  You can have all the words in a thousand tongues and people still won’t understand you.  I finally realized that I was arguing how life circumstances have to be considered for every action because nothing comes out of a vacuum, and how me and the person were seeing it was utterly continent on our life circumstances. The meta was not lost on me.

I’m tired and sad because of the true core of the subject matter, and I’m feeling more nihilistic because in reading another blog post about the actual origin of Thanksgiving (which I did know before, but refreshers are always good), I have to face the truth that I was more right in my essay than I initially knew and that most of what we’re told when were young is lie.  Now in most cases this is done to protect and not to deceive (as was the situation in my defense), but a lie by any other name is still just as false.

Well…you didn’t come here for my descent into nihilism, did you?  You came here for a word count.

Word Count:

Word Count: 1131

Total Word Count: 23733

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