The 26 Days of Advent: 11/30/15

This is going to be a much shorter post.  In fact the remaining ones should be short (and I say “should” because we all know how long winded I can be).

For the second day in Advent, I decided to go with The Bach Choir, which is must illustrious and lovely.  Many, many moons ago, your Shameful Narcissist used to sing in choirs, and she used to sing such songs as this.  Not remotely as beautiful, but I was involved in such for a good portion of my life and I miss it greatly now :\

Anyway…The Bach Choir has quite a few songs I love that will more than likely be featured if I can find good versions of them on YouTube.  I attempted “The Colours of Christmas” for today and then “O Holy Night” by them, but I was able to find their version of “Silent Night,” which is utterly sublime.

Huh…guess I lied about this being a fairly short entry.

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