The Editing of Northern Lights – Six Short Edits and Chicken Scratch

Note: This is the Editing Blog for my FFVII fanfiction Northern Lights (which you can find at the end of that link).  I will be discussing a myriad of topics along with my frequently tangential and harried editing process.  You should be able to garner some enjoyment and insight from this without having read the story and/or without prior knowledge of the original game, but if you’re a fan of paranormal romance and/or dark fantasy, you may find it to your liking.  The story will be spoiled in this editing examination, though I will do my best to mark spoilers for any other narratives I mention.  Thanks for your interest and enjoy!

<–Chapter 6’s Beginning with Controversies and Rants to Behold     Revelations and Sweetness for Chapter 6–>

Welcome back my lovelies.  It was a misty, moisty Monday in my corner of the world, but I was in a rare good mood despite.  I have managed to reach the 100 lb loss mark after two and a half years of trying.  This annoys me a bit as I was hoping to be much further along, but small favors, small favors…

Before and After

Future Narcissist chiming in.  So, yeah…I did lose 100 pounds, but I’ve gained back around 30.  Still a 70 pound deficit is nothing to sneeze at I suppose?  Though I still need to lose about 50 now.  I lowered the goal weight.  I do still mostly look like the right picture where I was around 270.  I’ll tell you.  I don’t care 🙂

I’m more than halfway to my goal and need to “only” lose 70-75 lbs more. (Yeaaaaaah, see above.)  Yes, it’s a lot; yes, it’s daunting, and I need to do it before the end of August 2016. (Bahaha, oh mercy.  I really don’t care about that anymore..)  Why that specific time?  Well that is the last year Otakon (a huge anime convention for the uninformed) is going to be in Baltimore, and I’m planning to attend for the final send off and last hoorah.  It’s moving to D.C., which isn’t terribly far, but it’s still farther than Baltimore (I think).  Of course I’m going to cosplay, and I have a rule about doing fat cosplay (for myself). (…not nearly so much anymore.  Wow, it’s amazing how much more body positive I became in a year…)  I’m breaking it a bit for Halloween since I’m hopefully going as Elsa so long as everything works out.  If it doesn’t I have a backup plan, which I’ve told no one (not even  my husband, and he’s quite vexed about it hehe), but I’d like to pull off the snow queen as she is one of my favorite characters.  Speaking of which I’ve been working on a list of my favorite fictional characters as one of my friends has been doing a countdown on her Facebook page every day.  She has 11, so I don’t think there’s a set number, which is fantastic because I currently have 17.  Can you guess who my favorite character is?  If you can’t, you clearly haven’t been paying attention *wink*

Ah cripes…I forgot that I was supposed to express my opinion about the Hunger Games/Battle Royale controversy from the last post.  I’m going to level with you, guys.  I was fiery hot/passionate about this when I wrote about it the other day, because I’d just had the conversation, but right now I really don’t care.  Ah promises promises…here’s my take.

Nothing is written in a vacuum.  I’ve mentioned this before with respect to fanfiction.

Umberto Eco Quote

All stories feed off of one another and in fact could all just be considered a facet of the great story that’s currently being told as we speak and breathe and live.  Reality as we know it is part of this story, as is reality as we don’t know it.  My point is it is very possible to write a very similar story to another and have no knowledge of the prior tale.  Thus is the case with Hunger Games/Battle Royale.  I was trying to find the specific article I’d read where Collins was talking about the whole debacle, but I couldn’t.  She has insisted that she didn’t know anything about this other story/manga, and I don’t think that’s that farfetched.  I’d never heard of BR until HG came out and the masses started bitching about it being a rip off of the latter.  Collins stated that she took her idea from the Greco/Roman gladiators of old, which is why she calls the chosen “tributes,” and wanted to showcase how our society revels in reality TV and blood sport.  HG also points a very accusatory finger at the western world and developed nations insofar as we live in The Capitol, we are the nobles of Kings Landing, we are the ones who can walk away from Omelas (that link actually goes to the full story which you should take the time to read.  Seriously.  It’s fantastic.  I’ll mention it because in Chapter 9 I am 100% referring to it when Sephiroth is talking to Aeris about the elite), we dwell above the plate in Midgar.  There is a distinctive elite and we have the privilege of either watching the rest of the world scramble for scraps or end the game and ensure there’s enough for all.  Laci Green does a fantastic job of breaking it down in this video below.

Please note this is not to say there isn’t a possibility that Suzanne Collins lied and completely stole from Koushun Takami’s Battle Royale, but to say that that’s the ONLY way she could’ve devised such a story is ludicrous.  The myth of Theseus does the exact same thing, and Mary Renault’s The King Must Die recounts the same tale in such a way to remove the fantastic/mythical element and show how it could’ve been in reality, kind of similar to what Ever After did with Cinderella.  Heh, Ever After is another narrative that uses the “losing one wing” metaphor.  The scene where the step mother catches up with Danielle and rips the one fairy wing off her back.  I think this is more supposed to show the broken angel trope rather than the one winged angel paradigm, but it’s interesting how similarly they can manifest.  I think they are a lot more tied together than TV Tropes seems to think.  Despair can’t be given from an unbroken heart.

I believe this is an even shorter editing session than the last one.  I’ll tell you this, dear readers, I didn’t  think I would cry this much this soon with this story.  I just finished the first edit of Chapter 7 and my god the tears were a-flowing.  I’ll get to that when I get to it though, let me just say that I did find a quote.  Shit, did I mention this already?  I think I did.  “The Last Rose of Summer,” and I even posted the video of it.  Boy is my face red…oh well.  Uh, ,readers?  I’m sitting here trying to decipher my scribble scrabble and I have to tell you I have no idea what the fuck I was trying to write.  I almost want to take a picture of this and post it, because you have just as much chance as I do of figuring it out.  I mentioned that the quote (maybe?) originated from Watership Down, but I have no idea what the hell I meant by that.

Chicken Scratch

I’ve got nothing.  Hopefully I’ll think of what the hell I was trying to convey.  Watership Down was of my favorite books in high school though, and I still have quite a fondness for it (and several pins on Pinterest about it, too).  I saw the movie when I was probably too young to do so, and then read the book afterwards.  I’ve also read and enjoyed the sequel Tales from Watership Down, but since I can’t remember what the hell I actually wanted to say about it, I’m going to leave off talking and go to the editing.

“’It could’ve sprung up as you walked by.’  Surprise followed in the wake of a smile.  She consistently managed to pull that expression from his otherwise empty face.  ‘Will you pluck it, little one?’
‘No.’ She decided standing up.  ‘It’s survived this long.  It deserves a chance to bloom.’”
Parallels much?

“’Little flower, there’s no need to weep.  I’ll just cut through this barrier.’
‘N-No, Sephiroth, you can’t do that…’  She wiped her cheek with the back of her hand before turning back towards her lost freedom.  Doing so made her miss the raised brow that almost pulled amusement.”   His amusement stems from being told he can’t do something, but like most things Seph believes this is of course an illusion.  People and abominations have been telling him what to do his entire life.  At least Aeris will never ask him to do anything horrendous…or will she?

“Sephiroth cast his gaze to the left before turning to pierce the right.
‘The closest one to the south is two miles away and north is beyond the fence curve.’”
‘’You can see that far?’
‘Yes,’ he admitted, surprised by her awe, but hiding it in the mask.”  I had to look up how well cats see distance.  Very well in fact.  I’m not following verbatim the physical limitations and extent of cat eyes and visual fields, but I’m a firm believer that you need to know the rules so that you can break them.  Sephiroth’s vision is obviously enhanced and he has cat eyes or he has pupils similar to a cats in the light.  He doesn’t have to possess the limitations of a feline visual system nor does he since he can see all the colors a typical human can see (and possibly more).  The same cannot be said for the kitties.  Cats also apparently can see distances but not very clearly.  They tend to be more near-sighted than humans, which Sephiroth most definitely is not.  I don’t think sightedness is dependent on the shape of one’s pupil though.

There’s another short one tomorrow my dear followers.  I keep calling you “my dears.”  It’s such a sweet epithet, n’est-ce pas?  Until then I commend your souls to whatever higher power you wish or none if that’s how you roll.  I don’t judge.

<–Chapter 6’s Beginning with Controversies and Rants to Behold     Revelations and Sweetness for Chapter 6–>

8 thoughts on “The Editing of Northern Lights – Six Short Edits and Chicken Scratch

  1. Mentioning Watership Down, I am quite sure there was a version with real bunnies in as well that ive seen when i also was far too young, somewhat animated like elliot or the like, cant find it anymore though but ive been talking to a few people who said they thought the same so maybe i was right… Anyways, the cartoon is now on my ‘spoiling myself at a point’ list because it has been too long since i saw it…

    BTW, I can immagine you have to cry writing, love your words, you are able to express emotions really well!

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