NaNoWriMo 2015 Daily Word Count: 11/30/15

On the last day of NaNoWriMo I suppose I should give some kind of summary/wrap of my experience this month.  It…really wasn’t that much different from my typical writing experiences though.  Since I have a story to work on (and have for the past few years) I didn’t really need much impetus to write on a daily basis.  Like most months, I missed a few days even though I said to myself I’d write a thousand words every day.  Unfortunately, with the issues that I’ve been having, that was a promise I was unable to keep :\  I did manage to write over 30k words, so though I didn’t make my daily totals, I succeeded in what I was driving for.

The Broken Rose is still not complete, but it’s 30k words closer and a major (and the most controversial part) is out of the way.  Now that it’s December,  I need to face the hard truth that I may not even complete it this month and I’ll still have this WIP past the new year.  I have a lot of writing goals for 2016, some of which involve doing work on original stories, which is very scary for me as I abandoned that ship for mental health reasons, but unfortunately, I have this drive that keeps me going despite knowing what rejection feels like.  I actually kind of hate it.  I think some people write because they want to and could quit at any time with no compunctions.  I’m not one of those people.  I have to write even though I feel like it kills me because writing leads to stories being finished, edited, submitted and rejected.  That’s just always the way its been.  Since my latest works have been fanfictions, the rejection aspect is more variable.  I’ve received mostly positive feedback on a work I can never publish anyway so I call that a win, but with original stories, there’s a whole different set of values.

Anyway, I hope all of you who did NaNoWriMo garnered something from it. Whether insight, a new writing habit, a finished story, or something else.  I’ll leave you with the final word count and bid you all good night.

Word Count:

Word Count: 2635

Total Word Count: 32642

4 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo 2015 Daily Word Count: 11/30/15

      • I’d probably settle very low as for 250 words each day min because that is what I also have as min for a blogpost… simply too much to do and even though my brain is thinking about 75% english I still struggle with the 25% german in there which might make writing other than blogposts taking a bit longer… but yes, will try *adds to her calendar*

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