All We Are

FFVII is a story filled with what ifs.  I’ve been thinking more about this lately since I’ve been reading an ASOIAF analysis blog that examines the what ifs of that narrative in every chapter.  For VII, while there may not be quite as many, the ones that are there are just as profound.

Sephiroth has many, many what ifs around him.  What if Lucrecia hadn’t left?  What if she had stayed or at the very least waited until he was old enough to understand that she was his mother before leaving?  What if she had taken him with her?  What if he’d been told the full truth of his origins?   What if he had the full truth of his origins prior to that traumatic discovery of Jenova?  What if his father wasn’t a dickhead aka hadn’t treated him like a specimen/experiment? What if he had retired/resigned before that fateful last mission to Nibelheim?  What if Gast hadn’t been killed?  I could write a myriad essays on these questions alone.

What if he had been given the below words?

All We Are

I have to thank Deviant Artist Dark6Nika again for her gorgeous rendering (which I have used before) whose title is Dear Son.

The words are from Northern Lights, my FFVII fanfiction.  Though they are spoken by Sephiroth and not Lucrecia, I feel they carry a true mother’s resonance.

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