The 26 Days of Advent: 12/25/15

Christmas is the end of Advent and the beginning of Christmastide, though some believe that sunset on Christmas Eve is the end of Advent and the start of it.  The general consensus puts the Eve still in Advent, though I suppose a decent conclusion would have the day balanced between.

Christmastide is 12 days, which is where the 12 Days of Christmas comes from.  I wish there actually were 12 days of Christmas.  It would make all the build it so much more satisfactory.

Though this is the end of Advent and my postings are called The 26 Days of Advent, I thought that Christmas was too important to not give it a song.  I believe you will find it appropriate.

Thank you all who followed along with this for the duration.  I hope you have a Happy Holiday and a Happy New Year 🙂

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