Goals for 2016

Here’s hoping this will be a short post because I need to work on one of those goals this very night.  I’m trying to look at them as more goals than resolutions.  This is by no means a complete list, but these are the specific ones I’ve compiled.  I also want to make steps towards my various cosplays though I don’t have them on the list.  I’m breaking these up into sections based on what they’re about.

Here goes.


  • Finish, edit, and post The Broken Rose – this is my WIP, another FFVII fanfiction
  • Reedit and submit The Threads of Sorrow – this is my original and (only) published short story.  I want to reedit and resubmit it to more well known journals since it’s currently languishing in a relatively unknown international one.  At this point I don’t even consider myself a published writer and thinking about it for too long makes me sadder.
  • Write at least two of the planned and noted ASOIAF and FFVII (A Song of FFVII ) comparative essays – the massive amount of notes have been sitting in OneNote for over a year; it’s time to do something with them.
  • Audio record Northern Lights – technically not writing but connected to writing, I’ve been planning this recording process for a while.  I may need to get some better equipment besides just my iPhone, which is surprisingly not a bad recording device.


  • Finish Paradise Lost – about halfway through
  • Finish The Mystical Qabalah – it’s been an over ten year project.  It’s time to make an end so I can read more interpretations of the esoteric system.
  • Read The Poetic Edda
  • Read The Rape of Lucrece – both this and the above are necessary for my numerous, planned FFVII essays/metas
  • Read/Review at least one book every two months – I made a goal last year to read a book a month.  That did not work out so I’m going to try every other month.  I used to read so many, many books, but adulthood and life have sapped any hopes of that.


  • Find a therapist – it’s far past time.  That’s all that needs said.
  • Figure out what current physical malady is plaguing me – too much to get into right now
  • Lose 50 lbs
  • Get last two tattoos

Those are my goals for now.  I reserve the right to change and/or update them at any time.

Now I must work on The Broken Rose.

Until later.

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