Full of Grace – FFVII: Aeriseph – Updated

The video has been updated!  I finally got around to fixing the end.  I felt the pictures were far too clumped together.  I’m still not fond of the credits, but I’m trying.  I hope to learn Sony Vegas soon so I can improve my slideshows and start making actual AMVs.

The old video has been deleted from YouTube, so the link now goes to the new.  I hope you enjoy!


As mentioned prior I often have songs for scenery and scenery for songs, and Sarah McLachlan’s Full of Grace just fit perfectly into the end of Northern Lights’ Chapter 14.  Every time I listened to it, I could see nothing but images of our fair couple fluttering through my head, and I finally sat down and figured out how those images would manifest.  It took me a week and a half to garner them all; that was the longest and most arduous task, matching picture with lyric.  I won’t bore you with the process, but I will say that Windows Live Movie Maker wasn’t nearly the beast I thought it would be (though I was a little annoyed by the issues with the credits).

Either way, the deed is done, the video is made, and here it is.

This is the first but hopefully not the last.  I’m thinking of making one with Sephiroth and his true mother Lucrecia.  It…will be heartbreaking (like the soon to be posted Chapter 25…at least for me.  Don’t click if you  haven’t read the previous 24 chapters since this is the last one), and the song in my head for this is Candle on the Water from Pete’s Dragon.  I wrote a scene in my original novel with this song as inspiration, and it was about the main character and his mother…in a way.

Don’t judge me too harsh for any amateur mistakes.  I’m sure my editing skills will grow better in time.

4 thoughts on “Full of Grace – FFVII: Aeriseph – Updated

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