Question of the Week: 4/10/16

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Who is your favorite ASOIAF/GOT character?  Can be past/present; living/dead?

Game of Thrones, David Benioff and Dan Weiss’s adaptation of George R R Martin’s epic masterpiece is coming back on April 24.

The hype train has no brakes

I figured I’d post a question for my fellow ASOIAF/GOT fans of which I am both.  I have read all the books, seen all of the show, and have written analyses of each episode in season 5 in addition to several essays.  I’m considering reposting some of the latter in preparation for the new season, but in the interim, I thought this question would be apt.

I have both a past and present; living and dead favorite character.  Briefly mentioned by second favorite character is Rhaegar Targaryen,

Rhaegar Targaryen Crowned

For obvious and not obvious reasons. I’m not utterly shallow.

but my first and foremost is Tyrion Lannister whom I wrote a character analysis for.

TyrionTyrion is a tragic character with massive potential.  He exemplifies the paradigm of why books should not be judged by their covers.  Despite his grotesque features and physical deformities, it is the way others treat him based upon those that shape what he becomes.

Can't find the source on this one

Can’t find the source on this one

One of the things I love about Tyrion is that he refuses to be the caricature that everyone wants to reduce him to.  While being a dwarf is part of his identity, it is not all he is, but he constantly has to prove how capable he is by almost literally moving mountains (not the Mountain mind you…), and still he is seen as not good enough.  His existence speaks to a parallels the prejudice many face.

Do I think Tyrion will survive to the end?  I certainly hope so.  He says one of my favorite if not favorite quotes in the entire series.  The words that lie at the crux of the narrative and speaks to so much more:

But even if he doesn’t make it to the epilogue, we must all remember that “a small man can cast a very large shadow.”

Who is your favorite ASOIAF and/or GOT character?  Are they still alive in the books/show?  Do you think they’ll make it to the very end or even out of season 6?

I look forward to your answers in the comments!

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8 thoughts on “Question of the Week: 4/10/16

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  2. After much consideration, I think I’m going to have to go with Tyrion as well. Peter Dinklage really does a fantastic job with him, too! I’m also fond of Book!Jaime, Book!Sansa (I loathed her as much as anyone at the end of the first book but have found her character development since then to be pretty fascinating. Unsure about what they’re doing with her in the show though), Arya, Brienne, and the ever-ambiguous Rhaegar.

    That list got a bit longer than I expected.

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    • Peter Dinklage is an amazing actor! He’s actually hails from not too far away from my location. I’m in PA whereas he was born in Moorestown, NJ, and I think he actually lives in NY where I was just yesterday to see another of my favorite actors Tom Hiddleston! Ah, no fangirling over that here tee hee.

      I agree you have to differentiate Book from Show. I prefer Book Jaime to Show Jaime, but Show Jaime isn’t terrible…so long as you forget that one scene, which I can’t, but eh, we’ll leave it for now.

      I actually never hated Sansa! I mean she was 11 years old in the book (13 in the show), and honestly acting like an 11 year old would! I also was lucky enough to read a great defense of her by Pat Sponaugle ( if you’re interested) He runs a great ASOIAF/GOT mostly blog and has shared some of my stuff, too, so I have to return the favor. I can see why people might not like her on initial observation, but Martin is brilliant at making characters layered. Even ones you really, really want to hate can become sympathetic if only for a moment. I was SO mad when one of the YouTubers I follow made me feel bad for Joffrey because his mother is a terrible person (…that’s kind of my kryptonite lol whether it’s a true mom or a false), is pretty much the Lilith figure, and only cares about her children as ticks on her own mortal clock, and while obviously you can’t condone his terrible behavior, it is explainable if you consider that in addition to the fact that he’s a sociopath (so has a potentially legitimate mental disorder), AND this may come from the fact that his grandfather could be Aerys Targaryen if some off the theorists are to be believed.

      I love that Rhaegar is ambiguous, and I can also apply similar logic to his defense that I did to another silver haired beauty, Sephiroth lol. Prior to the Tourney at Harranhal, there was nothing to lead anyone to think the crown prince would’ve done that. Something had to have happened. There had a catalyst, because by all accounts Rhaegar was intelligent, insightful, and calculating. Why would he commit a war starting act for no good reason? Barristan Selmy tells Dany something interesting about how Rhaegar was reading something, because he was “bookish to a fault” almost like Aerys I before him. However, one day after reading some scroll or manuscript, he came down to the castle yard, looked at the captain of the guard or someone like that and said, “It appears I must become a knight.” So the “abduction” of Lyanna was part of a grand plan that we don’t yet know the details to, but he didn’t just do it because he was in love with her or wanted to steal her from Robert for selfish reasons (Martin is definitely playing the Helen of Troy motif, but there’s more than that). There was a catalyst. There always is.

      Hehe omg my rambling. I need to finish the WIP so I can work on more Song essays! I have several planned that talks about the shared motifs between it and VII that I really want to get out before TWOW is released. I’m still kind of baffled that I haven’t seen these comparisons elsewhere, but then again, my ridiculous brain 🙂

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      • Re: Getting to see Tom Hiddleston – omg. That is so awesome! *Tries to contain fangirling*

        Re: Jaime: Yep, that scene is my reason for not liking his writing in the show as much as in the books too. The actor does a fine job, though, so it’s not his fault.

        Re: Sansa: I feel bad for being as hard on her as I was when I first read GoT (I was 17 and much more judgmental, ha). Now I appreciate her nuanced characterization and subtle strength. I’m really looking forward to her arc in the next book.

        I also agree that Martin is great at showing you new sides to previously disliked characters that make you re-evaluate your opinion of them. I’m always amazed that he can switch between such strong personalities and get the reader to see them differently from so many angles.

        Re: Rhaegar: I agree that the real story must be a lot more complicated than it seems. Obviously I like the Targaryen version of events more than Robert’s, but I’m really impatient to know what exactly was going on behind the scenes, so to speak. And I’ve liked the R+L = J theory since I read the first book, so I hope that’s the case even though Martin must be aware that everyone has caught on to it by now.

        Re: Rambling: It’s a good rambling. 😀 Hope all your writerly work is going well.

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        • Seeing Tom in real life was quite an experience, but I was equally surprised that Huge Laurie was as much of a treat.

          Years ago I read this story by Charles de Lint called “Memory and Dream” and I grew so angry at the main character because in my juvenile brain she “allowed” herself to be abused. I victim blamed her, but didn’t even realize that’s what I’d been doing. So you live, learn, and reexamine!

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    • If you ever do let me know! Along with Tyrion I also love Dany, Brienne, and Ser Davos. Jaime Lannister has grown on me, and Bronn is always humorous. I’ve defended Sansa in a few essays; I think she’s going to be a big player in Season 6, and well…Jon Snow somehow became attractive to me at some point. Might have to do with Kit Harrington, but I don’t want to confirm or deny lol.

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