Character Name Conundrum

I’ve been pondering this for the past half hour so I figured I’d ask some of my fine friends on the internet for their opinion.

I’m attempting to work on the final chapters of my WIP fanfiction The Broken Rose when a series of random thoughts/internet searches led me to consider a name in my currently unpublished and aging original paranormal romance novel The Serpent’s Tale.  The main character’s mother’s name is Cymbeline, who is the titular king from the Shakespeare play (link provided).  As  you can see, the character is male.  I choose the moniker from the Loreena McKennit song of the same title that I first heard when I was in high school.

You must understand I was young and foolish back then and decided at the time that I loved the name and would give it to a character at some future point, and since (to me) the “-line” ending sounds feminine and quite beautiful, I would give it to my MC’s mother who is very beautiful (I don’t write about ugly people, plus all mother’s just are) and in fact looks like a dark-haired fairy queen.

Now it is 2016 and I have done my homework.  I now know Cymbeline is the name of the king of Britain in a play of the same title.  Logic leads me to believe I should change her name and I have a viable option in Cassandra,  but I love the way Cymbeline just rolls off the tongue.  She is also very regal looking so the name of a monarch is not far-fetched (her last name is Danann, and yes, I did more research on that than I originally did with Cymbeline).

What do you fine people think?  Can I get a way with having female character with an originally masculine (though not masculine sounding to my ear) name.  Semantics of course.  We decided what’s masculine/feminine sounding.

Also, yes, amazing I posted something besides my Question of the Week, though it was quick and for a reason.  I am trying.

Let me know your thoughts on my Cymbeline conundrum.

4 thoughts on “Character Name Conundrum

  1. I meant to comment on this right away (anything TST related is interesting to me!), but got distracted by RL stuff, sigh. I really like the name and think it sounds feminine too (I had no idea it was for a male character either)! If it fits for your character, I’d say go with it. If the association bothers you, though, I suppose you could play with it a bit (combine the -line with other prefixes, spell it differently, etc.).

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    • I mean I thought it was a female name when I first heard it so I think I’m going to stick with it. I posted this on tumblr, too, and received and same response. Also aw *blushes* I hope to be able to work on TST before the year is out. I have a writing itinerary that I might post soon. Doing that actually makes me more likely to stick with it. I’m actually edging towards a quarter million words with The Broken Rose. I…can’t even…I don’t know how I got there lol. Soon it will end so long as I keep working.

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      • A writing itinerary would be cool – maybe making one for myself would help me as well. And wow re: TBR’s word count. @_@ You’ve certainly been busy. Also, I hope my enthusiasm for your writing doesn’t pressure you; I’m just grateful to you for sharing. So please take your time and enjoy the process. ^_^

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        • I managed to throw up some non Question of the Week posts, which I’m super excited about hehe! And no not at all! Enthusiasm is great for making me work on things, and I’m happy I got to work on my word count tonight. I bet it’s going to be over 250k before edit. It’ll be a record for me. I just hope the editing doesn’t take a year D:

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