Cosplay Confessional – Cosplayer Courtesy

In my cosplay adventures I have managed to come across many amazing people whom I not only admire for their glorious cosplay skills, but also their willingness to talk to and advise an amateur like me.

A little less than a year ago while perusing Deviant Art, I came across a Sephiroth cosplayer extraordinaire, Ferash/Isidora. 

I’m not sure what I said in my comment besides incoherent babbling, but somewhere in the morass of words, I sparked up enough of an interest that she messaged me, and I admitted that I was planning a Sephiroth cosplay of my own.  Instead of laughing, she warned me about binding my boobs during that time of the month, and we discussed the merits and annoyances of contact lenses.  I had just bought a pair of custom ones from Vision Direct (no longer available; if there were I’d provide a link), and Isidora told me that in her experience, they tend to turn quite often, which is not readily fixable without a bathroom while you’re walking around con.  I was unsure what that meant until they drifted horizontal, and suddenly I had goat pupils instead of cat.  She typically goes for photohop the eyes, which is not a terrible plan.  I’m determined to use my contacts though at some point thought.  I paid far too much for them to fail.

Nor is Sephiroth the only character Ferasha does, as I discovered to my delight.  Cersei Lannister from GOT/ASOIAF is another of her portrayals, and I do not use that term lightly for when Isidora plays a character, she plays a character.  It’s much more compelling when you give both “cos” and “play” equal importance.  This is by no means a judgment on any other cosplayers, because cosplay is not something that should have as much judgment as it garners.  It does because people are douches, but it should be about fun, not bullying, but I digress.  What I mean to impart is the act is just as important to her as the costume, and I have every intention of using that philosophy with my own (trust me…portraying Sephiroth in terms of mien is not going to be a problem for me, but again, I digress).  She does it just as well with Cersei.

It was the GOT/ASOIAF cosplay that led her to Sephiroth/FFVII, which was the exact opposite of me who had been led to Song by VII.  Though it was inverse, the fallen general put her in mind of the Targaryens, which I, too, observed.  There’s something about silver hair, fire, inhuman beauty, god complexes, and mental disorders that just go together so nicely.

Not long after I discovered she has a Facebook page: Ferasha Cosplay, and we sporadically corresponded there, as well.  I, of course, followed her page and loved everything she did even it wasn’t a fandom to which I prescribed.  I let her know if she ever obtained a Patreon, I would love to support her with that.

A few months ago, she asked for input on which cosplays she should make into prints to hand out at conventions, and I had to put my two cents in for Sephiroth.  Not long after I received a message asking for my address so she could send me Sephiroth prints.  The reasons given was due to my continued support.  I said I was overjoyed to be able to support a cosplayer like her who puts so much into every single project, and of course I was super giddy and flattered that she’d take time for this gesture.

Since it was international, it took some time, but last week, I received a nice surprise just when I needed it most because The Shameful Narcissist (yeah…I still do third person sometimes) deals with waves and waves of crushing doubt (writing has been…difficult these past few weeks, I’m sorry to say.  It’s better now, but it’s been difficult).


She also included a handwritten note that reads:

“To Adrienne,
Thanks for always supporting my work!
With Love,

It was the least I could do to make a blog post about this, because when people take time out of their busy schedules to send you things, you should show appreciation.  I posted about it on Facebook as well, tagging her, but alas the tag was missed.  She messaged me last night and I felt awful that she thought I either didn’t receive it or wasn’t utterly grateful.  I doubt she thought the latter, but I hate thinking that.  Because I want you all to see the pictures she sent and not just a picture of the pictures (aka meta-pictures) I’ll include them with links below.

The Lifestream

The Lifestream

Her smirk is perfect.  Also, I just have to say that the most appropriate music just came on my iPhone, “Can You Hear the Cry of the Planet.”  I think only “One Winged Angel” would’ve been more apt tbh.

I could put the above side by side with the movie cover and would be hard pressed to find any flaws.

Another side note: I’m currently being glared at by two expectant kitties with near luminescent green eyes.  It’s bright out so you can imagine how their pupils currently look.

I’ve never been so overjoyed to need picture frames.

I know my perfectionist standards will never allow myself to consider I could do this half so well, but like so many other great cosplayers, Ferasha is not concerned with and has no need to put any other one, professional or amateur, down in order to bolster herself.  While I have seen quite a bit of negativity in the cosplay community (seriously, every fandom or collective of fandoms pisses me off with how holier-than-thou/presumptuous people can be), the greatest talents among the throng do their best to magnify the positive for which we should be grateful.

Hopefully my next cosplay confessional will be about me actually doing cosplay, and even more hopefully, my next blog post (that’s not a Question of the Week) will occur after I’m finished The Broken Rose. 

A fangirl can dream.

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