Question of the Week: 5/15/16

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The Question of the Week is posted every Sunday and will consist of a question followed by my answer and explanation to the same.  Some questions will only require a simple answer that could potentially be followed by an explanation.  Many questions will be writer oriented, but not all.  Everyone is encouraged to answer in the comments and discussions/follow up questions are more than welcome!

What are your computer/device backgrounds?

This question may require you to make a post of your own in answer.  I sincerely hope you do unless you wish to utilize your powers of description in the comments.  This is also of course entirely optional.

I have many backgrounds as I refuse to use the same one for different devices.


This is one of those pictures that will make me tear up if I look at it for too long.  If you know the characters/story, you know that she’s his real mother, and he not only never sees her, he also isn’t even granted the knowledge of her name.  He doesn’t know that’s his mother, and that remains a pillar in the game’s mien of tragedy.

Phone Lock Screen

I’ve had this as my phone background for nearly a year.  I instantly followed Archaedia Studios on Deviant Art and other sites.  I cannot ignore artist(s) so talented.

Phone Home Screen

Potential Northern Lights CoverI used this as the cover for Northern Lights on for a time, and it’s the picture for the printout copy (yes, I made one of those.  I gave it to the only “real life” friend who read it).  I had it as the background for my work computer for a time, but that is currently…

Work Desktop

Chapter 7 - A Calm and Private PlaceBecause this is also the picture for NL Chapter 7, and because I listened to the soundtrack to La Luna extensively while editing it, that music always flows through my head whenever I see this picture.

The blue is very calming, and while my work isn’t super stressful, I do find myself often gazing at the background with my head tilted slightly to the side.

So my backgrounds consist of Sephiroth and sky phenomena.  This is no great surprise.

What are the backgrounds for your devices?  Are they personal pictures, art of any type, or something else?

I look forward to your answers in the comments!

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9 thoughts on “Question of the Week: 5/15/16

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  2. I usually use Bing’s backgrounds for my computers (some of them are so pretty!). My phone background is a picture of my friend’s cat sitting on my writing notebook. He didn’t approve of me paying so much attention to it when I could be petting him instead.

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  3. Should have known your background images 😀 and i guess mine aren’t a surprise either… a little yellow shouldered bat as phone standby, some wicked / faerie like looking primeval forest with mist and mossy woods as phone background and a picture of teufel from tanzwut as background for my laptop (actually been looking for quite a few different artists that i like and only found this one – was looking for a black background with good quality portrait… seems everyone prefers cluttered backgrounds *lol*)

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    • Oh my goodness, I’m SO shocked at the bat lol. I figured I’d just stick with those backgrounds since they’re the devices I use the most. I have three other laptops that aren’t in use and their backgrounds are also painfully obvious. I’m a boring fangirl hehe. My likes really don’t change; they just evolve from source :p


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