The State of the Writer: 6/4/16

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A weekly post updated every Saturday discussing my current writing projects and where I stand with them.  This will include any and all work(s) in progress (WIP) be they creative writing, essays/analyses, or reviews of any type.

Project: Story
The Broken Rose
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Type: Fanfiction (FFVII) Novel
Previous Word Count: 262,293
Current Word Count: 266,383
Words Written This Week: 4090
Status: WIP

Hair StylesAeris’s long hair quite lends itself to numerous types of styles.  This is not to say that short hair doesn’t do the same thing, but I tend to find more variety in kind for long hair in search, though I believe this is a societal slight.  Be that as it may, researching hairstyles for her is another enjoyable task.  As mentioned before I love luxury, fanciness, and all that’s ornate.  Though the styles I found were for more formal settings, I’d imagine for her these would be every day.  Yes, including tiaras and such.  Sephiroth would shower her in luxury.  He has the means within this story, and by all means would readily do so.  One of the many things she’s sadly forgotten is how to even braid her own tresses, but lucky for her, her protector’s fingers are deft, and he’s no stranger to over long hair.

My word count appears low this week, but nothing could be farther from the truth.  I wrote a lot, but the majority was notes, which I spent my time last night organizing.  I, unfortunately, can’t speak of what exactly I wrote as I’m very close to the end.  I’ve been working on the denouement to this story for quite an extensive time.  Well…I don’t know if I’d call it that since what I’m writing is more than the aftermath.  Though it is a common thing in numerous narratives, for this one, I need more resources.

I’m hoping to more than surpass previous word counts next week if not finish the story entirely.  I know I keep saying/promising that (there are people asking about it already !!! #flattered), but I’m utterly awful at judging such.  I actually thought I’d complete it last year.  I’ve made recordings where I read parts, and I talk up such pipe dreams.  I do one day want to post these perhaps, once I have time to video edit.

Note:  I’m not sure if this is necessary, but at the very least I can mention it because I don’t think I’ve done it before or posted a quote where it manifests.  Since Aeris is so utterly broken, physically, mentally, emotionally, and psychologically, she can only refer to Sephiroth as “master” as she was forced to do with men for so long.  He absolutely abhors it, but at any suggestion she call him by name, Aeris has flashbacks to when she was so “defiant,” and the unspeakable punishments that ensued.  This is meant to be more of a note than a warning, but if you need it as the latter, please take it as such.  There are some mentions of past physical abuse.

Quote:  He raised his head suddenly, saying, “Yes, I’m still here.  Ah very good, you’re exactly whom I need.  I know very little about women’s clothing, and I require it all.”  Peering down at his charge swathed in black fabric, the Great General’s smile returned.  Intermittent squeezes made Aeris gasp as her fragile wrist began to ache.  “A moment,” he said, moving the phone.  “Don’t injure yourself, little flower.”  He unlaced their fingers and gripped her frail hand, his thumb now massaging her palm.  

The little Cetra could barely breathe.  How could such gentleness be?  His hands were the largest she’d ever seen and yet they weren’t breaking her bones.  His easy caress was destroying all pain, driving it out of her flesh.  He’s so gentle.  As if I deserve.  As if I’m not a bad slave.  What did I do to earn such a kind master?  I love his gentleness.  He gave me that word.  It means not being rough.  It’s so strange.  Why would he be careful?  He shouldn’t be gentle with me…I need a firm hand so that I know my place.  I was a willful and sullen slave.  The whip taught me better.  I’m…good now.  I’ll show him that I’m good.  I never want him to be rough with me.  Please don’t take this gentleness away!  I’ll…show him.  I’ll never forget what can happen to willful slaves…  She held her sob at memory’s horror as her master’s low voice shut her eyes.

“I apologize.  What I was saying is I need every type of female garb.  Yes, under-things, skirts, sweaters, and shoes of every kind and every color.  Indulge me another moment.  Aeris?” he called.

“Yes, master?”  She jolted up.  His baritone timbre was so utterly soothing that the Cetra had nearly been lulled.  You forgot already…how could you forget?  Didn’t you say that you would show him?

“You always preferred dresses, didn’t you?”

Aeris parted her lips to silent still tongue as mind and memory flayed her raw.  The mist softly shivered, but would not part on the recesses of her mind.  The little maid quaked for again letting silence prove what a terrible slave she was.

Sephiroth stroked her cheek with a sigh that pulled his lips into a soft smile.  “Just dresses and skirts and blouses to match and anything else you might think.  I have all the sizes.  Are you ready for them?”  He read them off twice to be sure.  “Oh, and jewelry.  Let’s not forget that.”  A pause.  “I suppose just a set of each.  And hair clips and ribbons of each hue and type.  Make sure some of the latter are pink, and all of the jewelry must be real gemstones, true gold, platinum.  My little rose should feel like a queen.  Nothing base will touch her soft skin.”

At no point did her gaze leave the general as she tried to understand his strange speech.  The one that jolted her heart was, “Pink.”  I love the feel of his voice against me… was the only thought that came coherent.

 “Her coloring?  Fairer than the mist with the first blush of dawn on her cheeks.  She resembles a tiny porcelain doll with large, deep, summer blessed eyes.  Her hair is chestnut waves down to her knees with bangs similar to mine.  Yes, she’s lovely, beyond so.  Beautiful is the word I would use.  A picture?  I will check with her when this call is at an end.”

Aeris blinked up with her hands curled on his chest.  My master’s eyes are utterly exquisite.  I’ve never seen lashes half so long.  Does the light live along every strand?

Project: Book Review
Title: Dreamsongs Volume II
Author: George R R Martin

Dreamsongs Volume III started the review for this last night at least the set up for it.  No clue if I’ll work on it today.  I planned to do so, but I’d rather work on the WIP above.  I can’t judge myself too harshly though; I’ve finished more books in the past month than I did all year and managed to write two reviews in that time as well.  I won’t let myself feel guilty about throwing all my writing energy to finish up this monstrous story undertaking.

What are you currently working on?  Is it a creative writing project, essay, review, or something else?  Have you just started something new or are you wrapping up a long term project?

I look forward to your answers in the comments!

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