The Woes of War

In the wake of my completed story, time has finally lent itself to be used in the making of macros.  I’ve been thinking about this one for a while.  The quote “War makes monsters of us all” is from my favorite author George R R Martin, and of course, it comes from his magnum opus A Song of Ice and Fire, the fourth installment, A Feast for Crows. 

062016 War Makes Monsters

I searched about an hour for the perfect picture, though I had this one in mind all along.  The picture source is located here.  I have to thank my tumblr friend synthetic-quantum for finding it for me nearly an instant after I posted it there.

If you are (unlike me) someone who doesn’t expend their time/energy in thinking too deeply about video games (which is a shame since many of them like FFVII have rich stories and all narratives are worthy of discourse) or do and just didn’t consider this, it’s another tragic fact of VII that Sephiroth was most definitely a child soldier, an atrocity that is sadly not limited to fantasy/sci-fi worlds nor is it any less abysmal in our own.  Thus are the words from Feast apt, as war will turn even children into monsters, and in both the story and the above image, only the crows will have cause to rejoice.


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