The State of the Writer: 7/2/16

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A weekly post updated every Saturday discussing my current writing projects and where I stand with them.  This will include any and all work(s) in progress (WIP) be they creative writing, essays/analyses, or reviews of any type.

Content Warning:  A few mentions of rape as it pertains to the projects I’m working on.

Project: Story
The Broken Rose
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Type: Fanfiction (FFVII) Novel
Current Word Count: 274,512
Prior Word Count: 274,721
Word Difference: -209
Status: Editing
Progress: 4th Edit of Chapter 1

00 Bloody Rose

Potential picture for Chapter 1

I have officially started the edit of The Broken Rose.  My goal is to edit one chapter a week.  If I can keep true to his pace, the entire story will be ready to post around Christmas.  I am just about to do the 4th (and hopefully final) edit of Chapter 1.  I do not usually do so many edits of a chapter, but I made so many changes over so many days that it was necessary.

What I typically do is a 1st edit and a 2nd edit, which I’ll refer to in shorthand as FE and SE.  I’ll do the FE on a chapter over however many days it takes to complete.  Afterwards I’ll do the SE, but if I make more content changes during the SE there could be a 3rd edit (TE).  If for some extenuating circumstance I make even more changes during the TE then a 4th edit is in order and so and and so on until I’m satisfied with what I have (obviously I’m not going to call the 4th edit FE; I’ll just call any edits after three what they are).

I have been keeping editing notes as promised.  As you can see my word count went down by a little over 200 words.  Even though I added in some embellishments, I took out a big unnecessary chunk of section at the end of the chapter.

This chapter was one of the hardest things I’ve ever edited.  As stated the start of this story is brutal, because it introduces you to the hell Aeris has been living it.  It’s a snippet, but in that flash, you are exposed to a horror no one should have to face for a minute let alone a hundred years.  I expanded on some things, fleshed others out, and even had to refer to a video about the different British dialects (yes really).

Now this is 100% my ridiculous head canon.  I understand that and I accept it, but since I’m an anglophile, I tend to think of characters as having English accents especially if they’re upper class/elite.  I know this also probably makes me an elitist, but, well, Sephiroth is SOLDIER 1st Class *runs away*

*ahem*  Anyway, yes, I know that neither he nor Aeris have that accent, but prior to the announcement, I made an FFVII Remake Dream Voice Acting List, and everyone was English, because that’s the type of ridiculous fangirl I am.  Omg I feel awkward/embarrassed even mentioning it tbh.  I don’t have everyone, but I suppose since I’m talking about it I should divulge.

Barrett: Idris Elba – It actually took me a while to zero in on him, and yes, I know you’re thinking it’s because they’re both black.  To be honest, I like when not even voice actors are whitewashed.  Steven Universe is a great example of this in the diversity of its voice cast.  Representation matters.

Aeris: Rose Leslis – If you’re asking “Who?” she plays Ygritte in Game of Thrones, and if you’re now asking, “Ew why??” just listen to her regular speaking voice.  It’s absolutely beautiful.

Second choice for Aeris was Evanna Lynch, Luna Lovegood to you Potterheads.  Her voice literally sounds like it’s made of air, which would be more than appropriate for Aeris (which means “air” in Latin).  Seriously, listen to this sweet, little voice.  It screams English Aeris.

Sephiroth: Benedict Cumberbatch – Omg have you heard this man’s voice?  I always describe Seph’s as a low, rich baritone in my stories.  I love the Japanese voice actor they have for him in Advent.  The one for CC isn’t…terrible.  His voice is a bit too gravelly for me, and contrary to what you might think, I am totally okay with Lance Bass voicing him in Kingdom Hearts.  I am an “N Sync fan #noshame, but ugh, Benny, his voice is so fantastic.   Plus he played Khan in Star Trek: Into Darkness, so yeah, he’s already done the genetically engineered super soldier thing before mmmm #fangirling

Vincent: Tom Hiddleston – oh my Tom, well Vincent is the game’s resident vampire.  It’s such a weird bit of fanon, isn’t it?  I think it’s because he’s been locked in a coffin and has that “dark side” thing going on.  Tom of course played Loki and actually a vampire alongside Tilda Swinton in Only Lovers Left Alive, so Tom is no stranger to the motif.  He also has a super sexy voice, too.  I’m not a Vincent fangirl, but I think I would be if Sephiroth wasn’t a factor.

Cid: Hugh Laurie – I just think of House in the show of the same title, but I’d want Hugh to use his English accent, keeping the doctor’s grumpiness, but speaking of “the doctor,” Peter Capaldi (the 12th Doctor) is a second choice.  I can definitely see Cid as an angry Scotsman.

I couldn’t figure out who I’d pick for Cloud, Tifa, or Cait Sith.  I listen to a lot of classical music, and speaking tangentially, in opera the tenor character is usually the hero, while the villain is a baritone, so in my fangirl world, Cloud would have to have a higher voice, but I can’t think of anyone, and not to be mean, but I kind of don’t care hehe.  I don’t hate Cloud, but he’s certainly not my favorite “main/hero” character (that’s Cecil from FFIV) or even in my top ten.  I find Sephiroth and Aeris far more interesting (obviously).

Well that was a nice tangent.

Pardon me while I pun

The whole point of this English accent business was because I wanted to make the slaver in the first chapter sound a particular way, but I didn’t know what to call his accent.  The video I linked above (and here now, too) has numerous dialects of the British Isles, and the one I was looking for was the London accent, which…makes a strange sort of sense since he is from a city though Midgar now (and in the past, let’s be real) is far more squalid than (gods willing) London will ever descend.

Here’s this week’s quote.  I’m going to significantly shorten these as I think the ones I was posting before were a wee bit too long.  I’m also going to take the quote from the chapter that’s in progress or has just been worked.

Quote:  “I’m not going to hurt you, little flower,” he promised, “but I may have to burn down your church.”

Project: Book Reviews
Active Progress

The Devil’s Alphabet and Storm Front in addition to Divergent all posted this week.  I’m still working on updating the reviews listed in last week’s SOTW post in addition to a new one that I’ll discuss next.

Project: Book Review
Title: Windhaven
Authors: George R R Martin & Lisa Tuttle


I started this a few days ago. I think I’m going to do three mini reviews since the volume is broken up into three sections for the three novellas that make it up.  I did some introduction and talked about why I decided to read it (spoiler: FFVII reasons), but didn’t really get to the meat of it.  I have a three day weekend so I’m hoping to finish this up by then.

Project: Essay
Title: The Seventh Is the Darkest
Subject: FFVII Meta/Examination

My declaration with examples as to why Final Fantasy VII is the darkest of the series.  Of course your interpretation may very well be different; however, when one peers into the narratives that build its foundation, it’s hard to see much light between.  It exists for the darkest of narratives should show us despite the dim that there are some things death cannot conquer, and not all is entrails and blood.

I plan to break this into four parts: discussing rape as a multilayered subtext aligned with the triple (plus one) goddess motif; Lovecraft’s Cosmic Horror; Complete Monsters and “black” labs; and how important it is to have knowledge of yourself and your origins.  I initially had the motif of Greek Tragedy within this, but I realize that that’s another point entirely that deserves its own essay.

I’m hoping to do more work on this this weekend, as well, if not finish it outright.

What are you currently working on?  Is it a creative writing project, essay, review, or something else?  Have you just started something new or are you wrapping up a long term project?

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6 thoughts on “The State of the Writer: 7/2/16

    • *sigh* Yes, well since the WIP is in the editing phases, it opens up some more time for other projects. Editing it is a long term endeavor, so I don’t expect to be finished with that for a while, but in the meantime, I can catch up on some essays and get some book reviews done. Some weeks I’ll be working on more, but other weeks it will be far less!

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    • Oh my goodness, you’re feeding into my anglophile madness lol. One of my friends thought that Cid should have more of a southern drawl. Ehhhh, I guess I could see that lol, but I much prefer the gruff grumpy English one :p


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