Question of the Week: 7/24/16

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The Question of the Week is posted every Sunday and will consist of a question followed by my answer and explanation to the same.  Some questions will only require a simple answer that could potentially be followed by an explanation.  Many questions will be writer oriented, but not all.  Everyone is encouraged to answer in the comments and discussions/follow up questions are more than welcome!

What’s your favorite movie genre?

This is a question I don’t really have an answer for since my favorite movies are across multiple genres.  I love a good story, and good stories are not genre bound.

It would probably be easier to give some of my favorite movies and see what genres they encompass.  For many years I considered Constantine my favorite movie.


It’s still up there, but I have so many favorites that I can’t just considering one movie the One (…just realized this is hilarious because of Keanu Reeves).  I of course love Advent Children as a side effect of loving/being obsessed with Final Fantasy VII,

Advent Children

and many other animated movies have my heart.  Pixar’s Ratatouille I can claim as a favorite: my favorite Pixar movie,


and I’m a bit torn between which (just) Disney movie I love more: Frozen or Big Hero 6.

Frozen & BH6 Collage

I still think I lean slightly towards Frozen because sisterly power and female representation, but they both made me cry.

Then there are the Marvel movies (which is also Disney let’s not forget lol).  I love all of the Phase One films, though oddly Thor is probably my least favorite.  It’s not a bad movie, but I prefer Thor: The Dark World, and of course I love Avengers for various reasons.

Various reasons

Though, like Big Hero 6 and Frozen, I don’t know if I could decide between it and Guardians of the Galaxy. 

Guardians of the Galaxy

Avengers has the indisputable Big Damn Hero’s, but Guardians (which I’ve reviewed) speaks to universal and ubiquitous pain no matter where you might be in the universe.

So looking at this list, I’d say I like dramas with sci-fi and/or fantasy elements.

What’s your favorite movie genre?  Is it more of a mixed bag like mine or you can definite pinpoint one specifically?

I look forward to your answers in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “Question of the Week: 7/24/16

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  2. There are 2 genres I bounce between: Action and Comedy. A film that effectively combines the two will immediately impress me. Guy Ritchie’s “Snatch” is a great example. I’m not big on animated films, but the humour in something like Toy Story will win me over.

    I love a good, fast paced thrill ride. But I love to chuckle too. Nice post!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Toy Story is one of this rare franchises where each iteration is better than the last. I’m not one to scoff as a good action flick either. I have a review for Fast and Furious 7 (which let me tell you caused s lot of double takes when I’d see it called FF7. Stop that!) that I wrote up for the geek blog I used to write (more) for. I thoroughly enjoyed that movie especially the poignant send off for Paul Walker.

      I’ve never seen Snatched, but I’ve heard good things! I think the action/comedy combination is what draws me to Marvel movies.

      Thanks for the great comment!


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