It Stays With You

More macros are available here for the interested.

One of my pipe dream wishes for the FFVII Remake (which I’m sadly full of ennui about.  Perhaps I’ll make a post about why in the near future) is for a scene like the below to occur.  I know it never will, that’s why it’s a pipe dream, fodder only for fanfiction and art, but if it did indeed happen, rest assured, I’d never stop sobbing.

00 Regret Stays With You

She is clearly the one saying it to him not cruelly, but rather as an affirmation of grief.  You have to face it and accept it before there’s any chance the wounds can heal (which was the point of the latest episode of Steven Universe that I just watched prior to drafting this), though in the case above, there’d be no true healing, but she’d help him bear the scars 😦

Once again Deviant Artist Dark6Nika provides the original picture entitled “A prayer to mother,” and I recently used the same as basis and impetus for the latest post on my Sephiroth fanpage.

FullSizeRender (4)

The macro’s words (the post above is what I myself dredged up) are from The Name of the Wind by one of my favorite authors Patrick Rothfuss, whose works I’ve reviewed here and here.

A brief note about quotes.  I don’t always put the source on the picture as I often think it disturbs the aesthetic.  This is usually the case where the image contains people.  I double checked to ensure I wasn’t just doing this with words not my own, and I wasn’t.  There are several macros with quotes from Northern Lights that I didn’t source on the macro itself.  Because of this, if the macro is shared, I hope that the entirety of the post is as well.  Not so much to give me credit since I neither rendered the image nor wrote the quote (in some cases), but rather to give credit to the original creators.  I merely put two things together, interlocking pieces that I hope others can see well fit.



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