The Sunshine Blogger Award #1

Sunshine Blogger Award

I’d like to thank Movie Reviews and Other Stuff for nominating my blog for this award!  It’s been a few weeks since it occurred, and now that I’m on vacation, I finally have time to properly thank him and respond.

Here are the rules:

  1. Post the award on your blog.
  2. Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you.
  3. Answer the 11 questions that have been assigned to you.
  4. Nominate 11 deserving bloggers for the award.
  5. Ask 11 questions to your nominees.

Question #1 – What made you want to start your blog/website? I think I might have answered this in another blog nomination, but I’ll try to reiterate.  There may be some copying and pasting if I can’t think through my brain fog.  I find it exceedingly difficult (especially now that I’m dealing with some unknown health issues that cause fore mentioned brain fog and other things) to fully express myself verbally sometimes even though I’m told quite often that I speak eloquently.  I suffer from l’espirit d’escalier more often than not, but I have a great deal to say about a variety of topics.  I wanted to use this blog as both my sounding board and soap box for my essays and writing, the latter or which is the most important thing to me.  I’ve been through the rigors of publication submission and rejection and am currently in the extended latter phase of that now.  With this blog I don’t have to worry about any threshold guardians to what I want to put out into the zeitgeist even if it may initially reach only a limited audience.

TL;DR I started this blog so I’d have my own place to say what I wanted.

Question #2 – What’s one fact about yourself? I use a computer mouse upside down.  Not flipped over so you can see the laser (or ball if you’re older), but so that the buttons are facing out.  I’ve done this since the very first day I handled a mouse, which I was introduced to with the game Mario Paint.  I find it difficult to use one any other way unless I use my left hand, at which point I can’t use it upside down.  This makes me wonder if I was born left-handed and/or ambidextrous, but convention forced me to be right-handed.  Granted I was born in the 80s when being left-handed wasn’t nearly as stigmatized, but it is a source of curiosity.

Question #3 – What’s your favorite post you have written? I’m actually going to make a post about this on Tuesday to celebrate a particular anniversary.  I have to say my favorite post is my “Heart of Darkness, Angel of Light – The Defense of Sephiroth” essay.  That piece was over a decade in the making.  It took a month to map out and nearly two weeks to write.  It was also the first essay I wrote that made me cry.  At one point I literally could not continue writing it and had to let it go for that day.  There was one part that I couldn’t surmount my own despair on so that I could go on.  I’ve made several videos with me reading or attempting to read that part in the hopes that speaking it for posterity would lead to catharsis.  I hope and plan to post them one day once I get my YouTube channel together and my bravery intact.

Question #4 – If you could travel through time where would you go?  The future.  I want to go to a time where hopefully humanity has gotten its head out if its ass, but I fear that era will never manifest.  I also have a story idea about a character doing just that, going further and further into the future looking for this mythic epoch, but then they (or the reader) realize that they are the catalyst for creating the golden age in which they seek.  I think I’ll call it Future Perfect, and the main character will be an English or language scholar.

Question #5 – What helps you relieve stress? Getting things accomplished.  I feel like there’s this ticking clock above my head at all time, and I have to do what I can to complete all the things.  If I’m not working on writing, I’m planning on doing so and stressing about what I want/need to say.  My cats are good stress relievers though.  So is reading, but reading carries a sense of urgency, too, since I have over 500 books on my TBR list.

Question#6 – What is your favorite amusement park ride, and what is a ride you’ve wanted to go on?  Hm, I’m not that big on amusement parks tbh.  Not anymore as an adult.  I like that elevated swing, but I’m always terrified I’m going to fly off and die lol.

This dilly-oh

I’m going to be honest and admit how boring I am:  I like the merry-go-round.  Seriously.  I don’t know if it’s because of the old fashioned, corny music or the vintage, nostalgic flair, but that’s always been my favorite ride.  I’m not a fan of roller coasters, though I have ridden them.  I think it may be because the excitement anxiety is too close to the same feeling of my actual anxiety.  There really isn’t a ride I can think of that I’ve wanted to go on.  Like I said, amusement parks aren’t really my thing.

Question # 7 – What was your favorite movie, show, book, and video game when you were young?  Wow loaded question lol.  I like the economy of asking one question about multiple points.  It’s like a star.  Let’s see, my favorite movie when I was young was certainly something Disney as so many people grow up with that.  I can’t really think of any one in particular.

My favorite show was The Simpsons since I’m going to count “young” as high school age lol.  I was obsessed with that show like I’m obsessed with FFVII now.  I’m always obsessed with something; it’s just my nature I suppose.  I was also obsessed with two other types of shows, Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserable.  I’m still huge fans of them, and the obsessions can be revived if I start reading about them and/or listening to the music (one activity can lead to the other).

My favorite book is tough, because I read a lot when I was young.  One summer I got through 60 books in total.  I do remember loving the works of author Dick King-Smith who penned stories based around animal main characters.  They were the type of stories where the animals spoke to each other, and it made me wonder if this was actually going on right under humanity’s nose.  I read a great deal of stories like this: Black Beauty, Watership Down, Tailchaser’s Song, The Fantastic Mr. Fox, and others.  They were my go-to because I liked the idea of other perspectives/worlds hiding within our own.

You guys probably think you know what I’m going to say for favorite video game, and yes, it’s true, Final Fantasy VII was, is, and always will be my favorite, but I didn’t play it until I was 17-18, and while that was half my lifetime ago, there is another game I was first obsessed with.

This one.

My fervor for this game was beyond what my childish mind could hold, though at the time I couldn’t have said why.  I think I loved that it was different from the first SMB, which is ironically, what many other gamers deride.  I also loved that I could play the princess, and she was useful!  Samus Aran may have been female, but you couldn’t tell that from the suit, you didn’t find it out until the end, and besides, Metroid scared (still scares) the hell out of me so I couldn’t really use her as a role model.  Back in the days when I was obsessed with SMB2, I had not yet learned to curb my enthusiasm for things, so I was mocked and shamed for how obsessed I was with it in addition to being accused of only liking it because of what someone else said about it (which makes no fucking sense, but at the time I didn’t have the vocabulary or wherewithal to fight back), but I remember being so happy that one Christmas morning when I finally found it under the tree.  In the tradition of not finishing games I love/obsess over myself (this includes VII), I’ve also never beaten SMB2 though of course I’ve seen the end, and now that Let’s Plays exist, I can watch it whenever I want!

Question #8 – What is your favorite and least favorite movie of the 2010s so far?  Ahhh I can’t pick just one!  Hehe I have too many favorites: Frozen, Big Hero 6, Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers, Star Wars: TFA, Star Trek: Into Darkness, Thor: TDW.  It’s way too hard to choose.  My least favorite movie is easier: Batman: The Dark Knight Rises.  I was not impressed, but it was funny because when I first saw it, I wasn’t even sure I didn’t like it.  The more I thought about it though, the more it bothered me.  The last DC movie I legitimately enjoyed was the DKR’s predecessor, The Dark Knight.  I’ve said it often, but Marvel has the movies and DC (from what I’ve heard) owns it with the TV Shows.

Question #9 – What is your favorite book series?  A Song of Ice and Fire by George R R Martin.  No questions asked.  Until I read this, Final Fantasy VII was the best story I knew (in my opinion of course, but I have receipts to show for why I think such…or you could just read my essays about it hehe).  It actually took more than just me reading GRRM’s series.  I started reading theories and watching theorists, and I realized how deep this narrative was.  I judge stories based on how deep, intricate, and symbolic they are, what earlier narratives they reference, and what they say about human nature and the human condition (this is a major reason VII is so high on my list), and the theorists opened my eyes to what was going on beneath the surface.  I will wait as long as needed for The Winds of Winter to finally blow.

Question #10 – What is the best thing to happen to you in 2016 so far?  Um, I’m on my two week vacation from work?  Sorry guys, depressed pessimist over here with unknown and increasing health problems.  Even if I could think through the brain fog, I’m still not sure I’d find something shining to present.

Question #11 – If there was a zombie apocalypse and you can choose six people to survive with, who would they be?  They can be real and/or fictional.  I just mentioned in my last Question of the Week that I’d want Sir Patrick Stewart on my team for the apocalypse.  If that apocalypse includes zombies then so be it, but I think I’d opt for his character and go with Captain Picard because every team needs a good leader.  Furiosa from Fury Road, because she’s already survived and is surviving in a dystopian world.  I’d have to have my two BFFs Amanda and Kat, and I guess I should take my husband, too, so Sephiroth it is LOL.  Oh wait…my other husband would get jealous, so I suppose my team must include Loki :p

I’m going to be lazy and not tag anyone not because I don’t think there are some marvelous blogs out there, but I tag people all the time, and I don’t want to be a nudge.  So I say this award is open to any and everyone who want to do it.  Spread the love and pass the cake.

Here are my questions:

  1. How did you come up with the name of your blog?
  2. What’s your favorite TV show?
  3. Who is your favorite villain?
  4. What’s your favorite mythological creature?
  5. What’s your favorite non-fiction book?
  6. What animal would you choose to be?
  7. What’s your lucky number?
  8. Do you prefer coffee or tea?
  9. What’s your favorite season?
  10. What’s your favorite month of the year?
  11. Who is your favorite video game character?





27 thoughts on “The Sunshine Blogger Award #1

  1. Congrats on another well deserved award! My jaw hit the floor when I didn’t see a picture of FFVII for question 7, lol. I was in my late teens when I played it too. Can’t go wrong with Mario. I haven’t played SMB2 yet, but Super Mario World and Super Mario 64 were big parts of my childhood gaming adventures.

    I sincerely hope your health issues become known and aren’t serious. All the best and enjoy your vacation!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hehe I figured it’s a well known fact so I wasn’t going to dig up a picture of it, and I really haven’t spoken much about my SMB2 obsession! SMB World is still up there as one of my favorites, and the Mario series is just generally good. I’m fond of the Paper Mario games though I was sad that Super Paper Mario went to action RPG like so many others. I wound up watching a Let’s Play of it, and I’m glad, because the ending was phenomenal. It was heartbreaking in a way, and I never thought I’d ever cry due to a Mario game.

      Me, too. I’m seeing a bunch of doctors in the next two weeks. I’m hoping to also catch up on many, many things, which will hopefully reduce my stress levels.

      Liked by 2 people

      • I really wish I had time to open my copy of Super Paper Mario. The story sounds really good!
        I’ve had some health issues in the past, and thinking about a certain incompetent Dr. from the Simpsons always cheered me up. As long as none of the doctors went to “Hollywood Upstairs Medical College” everything will turn out fine 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Congrats! As a newcomer to your blog it was really interesting reading your answers and learning more about you. 🙂
    Couldn’t agree more about ASOIAF. Cupcakesandmachetes and I are fully caught up on the show and books and we constantly are finding new things to discuss about the series. There are so many layers and intermingling plots and theories that it does indeed make for a very immersive world. Talking about the series is often just as enjoyable as actually reading it (or watching it).

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ahh omg I love talking Song theories. What really got me was when I found these amazing theorists on YouTube, and that led me down the rabbit hole.

      Now I follow the above and a bunch of others along with several blogs, and I’ve written some theories myself. I reviewed every episode in Season 5, but that was so time consuming, I couldn’t do it for season 6. I’m hoping TWOW comes out by this time next year. I really want to write at least one ASOIAF essay before the end of my vacation.

      Thanks for being a newcomer to my blog! I’ve meet so many awesome people in the few years I’ve been doing this 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I absolutely adore Super Mario Bros. 2 and would call it one of my favourite games any day. I can get through the game most of the time, but I like to do the “Equality Playthrough” where each character gets used an equal number of times. Or I like to only play with Luigi. I got the game for my birthday the year it came out, and there’s home video of a very young me asking who should get kisses for such a nice gift.

    I can also relate to your love for Phantom of the Opera. It played live in Toronto, Ontario for years and years, and I used to beg my parents to make a trip there to see the show but we never went. I think it’s playing down in New York now, but I don’t get much time off work to get there. Hopefully I’ll get to see it one day!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I loved Luigi, too! I like characters that have great jumping skills. That’s so useful in a platformer. Granted you had to balance it out with their vegetable rooting skills I suppose. Mario and Toad were much faster in that. I’ve been listening to orchestrated music from SMB2 near nonstop since I started talking about it, and now I want to watch another Let’s Play of it.

      I’ve never actually seen it! But I was introduced to the music in 7th or 8th grade, and it never left my head. I read the adaptation by Susan Kay called (simply) Phantom, but haven’t read the original by Gaston Leroux. That latter seems far too stodgy and plodding for me, but Kay’s version was fantastic. That and an equally fervent high school friend is how I found out more details about the phantom’s life. I would love to see it live one day. I…wasn’t a huge fan of the movie. I thought that aesthetic was beautiful, but didn’t feel like the actor they got for the phantom role could remotely live up to the singing chops (it’s the same issue I had with Russel Crowe as Javert in Les Mis. So grumpy about that).

      Liked by 1 person

      • I really, really hate playing with Toad. I’d take a good jumper over a fast picker any day! That’s just my preference, though. I love orchestrations too! I haven’t heard one for SMB2 though… do you have a good one to recommend?
        I just re-watched the Phantom of the Opera movie last week, and I completely agree about their choice of actor for the Phantom. They apparently wanted someone dreamy, but I’m sure there are lots of dreamy and talented singers!!! It’s so frustrating. Russel Crowe as Javert was also very meh… and the girl that played his daughter that was also in Mamma Mia makes me cringe too…oh, and don’t get me started on Pierce Brosnan in Mamma Mia! This is a horrible downward spiral I’m on… bad singers all ’round!

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Congratulations! Loved reading every one of your thoughtful answers! I love The Simpsons and Super Mario Bros. 2! I have to admit though, I’m still confused by what you meant by mouse with buttons facing out? For some reason, I picture the mouse with only the buttons upside down. Anyway, so happy for you!

    Liked by 1 person

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