My Top 5 Favorite Final Fantasy VII Posts

In honor of it being the 19th anniversary of Final Fantasy VII’s release in North American, I usually have a new essay prepared to publish on this date. Alas that is not the case this year.  I haven’t had time to draft the myriad articles I still want to write, so I must resort to narcissism of the most shameful kind and give you (literally) my top five favorite FFVII posts.  These are the ones I’ve written over the years.  If you’ve already read and enjoyed them, I thank you in advance, and if this if your first time seeing them, I thank you in the future.

5. The Sum of Our Grief

Original Post Date: October 4, 2015

When I started doing macros, I never thought it explode into so many.  Also two years ago I knew absolutely nothing about photo editing and manipulation, so I’ve learned quite a lot from my forays into it.

The Sum of Our Grief2

This is my favorite one out of the three I made (per the link).  Anything with Sephiroth and Lucrecia breaks my heart so I’m just going to move onto…

4.  Full of Grace

Original Post Date: March 4, 2016

The true original post date is actually earlier.  I updated the entry because I updated the video on YouTube.  I’m not sure when I first put this up, but I suspect it was sometime in 2015.

This was my very first slideshow, and so far I’m still pretty proud of it.  I’ve only had time to make three others, and I want to graduate to AMVs soon, but I imagine those will take even more time.

I absolutely adore this song.  It started reminding me of their ship while I was writing Northern Lights, Chapter 14 to be exact.  Now I can’t listen to it without seeing the images I chose and even some I made up for the novel length fanfiction.  The next entry is a more recent work…

3.  The Seventh Is the Darkest

Original Post Date: July 15, 2016

Doctor Who Macro 2

Only a few months old, this essay was a few years in the making.  I always knew VII was dark, but the older I grew and the more I read, the deeper the shadows grew.  I knew I’d have to gather them together in one place (dangerous as that might be) so I could present them to you.  However, there’s another essay that ranks even higher than this…

2.  Heart of Darkness, Angel of Light – The Defense of Sephiroth

Original Post Date: August 5, 2015

Although this essay languished in my brain for over ten years, took me two weeks to write, and cost me numerous tears, I wouldn’t take it back for the world (nope, not even to catch the meteor.  Sorry).  While looking at it a year later, there are some things I might eventually clean up and polish, the core of it is solidly in place.  Though at inception I never planned to not only defend Sephiroth but several people from ASOIAF, an utterly different work, but if in comparison I can offer up other defenses to persuade, I won’t scoff at that.

I refer to this essay quite a bit, and have been pulled into some pretty brutal arguments because of it.  Nevertheless, I continue to find more evidence (possibly because I’m biased towards it.  Hey, I acknowledge it) to support, and I’m trying to foster an attitude that welcomes friendly debate.

1. Northern Lights

Original Post Date: March 27, 2015

Northern Lights Blurb

To date Northern Lights is the best story I’ve ever written.  It was a labor of love and a fantastic learning experience both personally and as a writer.  I wrote it to resolve a grave injustice I know the game (not even the Remake) ever would.  I already talk about NL ad nauseum (and have another Editing Blog post on my day planner to write), so the last thing I’ll say is if my original paranormal romance novel The Serpent’s Tale is every published, it was one, very obviously inspired by the Aeriseph OTP, and two, Northern Lights was written on the template of it.  Therefore if it’s published and if you read it (two huge ifs) don’t think you’ve lost your marbles if you notice that.  It’s not a coincidence.  Sometimes writers have to be lazy or sometimes we just recycle ideas we’ve already thought up.

So there’s my tribute to my favorite story of all time Final Fantasy VII, though it’s not like I’m not constantly writing love letters to it even in posts that aren’t about FFVII.  I try not to let this day pass without saying something about it especially since it invokes triple sevens being SEPTember 7, 1997, which I just mentioned in a comment to one of my lovely blog followers, though I cannot remember which one.

Let me know your favorite character and favorite FFVII song in the comments.  My favorite character is obviously Sephiroth, but Aeris and Vincent are very close for the heroic ones (she’s slightly higher than him).  There are too many songs I love to just pick one.

  • One Winged Angel
  • You Can Hear the Cry of the Planet
  • Aeris’s Theme
  • Tifa’s Theme

I look forward to your replies!

4 thoughts on “My Top 5 Favorite Final Fantasy VII Posts

  1. I’ll have to take time to read The Seventh Is the Darkest after NL. I wish I had more time.. seriously.

    It’s a toss up between Tifa and Barret for me. I found them both immensely entertaining during my playthrough:

    “Cetra? That some kinda disease?” – Barret
    “Quit slapping me! You old wench!!!” Tifa to Scarlet, before slapping her repeatedly.

    For songs, One Winged Angel and Crazy Motorcycle are tied. Cloud’s motorcycle chase was one of my favourite parts of the game. One Winged Angel is just the most epic FF song ever. Honorable mention to the music in Cosmo Canyon. I found it very relaxing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I hear you lady! The only reason I have any time this week is due to vacation and I STILL feel like I’m not getting everything done. I also was pretty ambitious with what I thought I could accomplish. Eh if you don’t try you don’t get anywhere I suppose.

      Cosmo Canyon is another example of how versatile Nobuo Uematsu is. Like that song has a pretty blatant Native American feel to it, and Nanaki’s aesthetic does seem to borrow from that as well. He’s such a brilliant composer.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Favorite character: I don’t think I can choose between Aeris, Tifa, and Sephiroth, honestly.

    As for music, the tracks you listed are my faves as well. The piano versions of Aeris and Tifa’s themes are heavenly. I also love the overland map theme (Cloud’s theme?).

    Liked by 1 person

    • I didn’t like the Main Theme/Cloud’s Theme at all when I first heard them! But it’s one of those songs that grows on you. FFVII uses a lot of major/minor switching, which is perfect for the ambience of the story. It’s light and dark, hopeful and despairing, and Nobuo Uematsu is a genius composer for capturing all of that. Apparently, he writes the tracks with brief information about the characters since they have to be ready early in development. How he always gets them dead on is a miracle.

      Liked by 1 person

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