Game of Thrones: 30 Day Challenge

One of the YouTubers I follow made a video of this, doing them all in one day.  I shall do the same here in blog form and invite anyone who wishes to share their own answers and tag me so I can see them!

I know this is supposed to focus on the show, but since I’ve read the books some of my answers may incorporate that.

***Spoilers for Game of Thrones and A Song of Ice and Fire***

Content Warning: Some discussions of rape as it pertains to the narrative.


Day 1: Favorite Male Character – Tyrion Lannister (living), Rhaegar Targaryen (deceased)

Day 2: Favorite Female Character – Daenerys Targeryen but Brienne of Tarth is a close second.  Also Lyanna Mormont is the baddest bitch.


Day 3: Favorite House – Team Targaryen all the way

Day 4: Favorite House Motto – “Winter Is Coming,” but “Fire and Blood” is a close second.

Day 5: Favorite Moment – Hm, this is a bit tough.  Well in the fourth book A Feast for Crows, I absolutely love when Cersei gets her comeuppance, at least the beginning part of it when she realizes the High Sparrow knows all about her lies since he tortured the Kettleblacks, and Osmund (or one of them) spilled the beans.

In the show I get chills when Dany obtains the Unsullied army, speaks to them in Valyrian, and has Drogon burn that slave master to cinders (that scene provided some inspiration for one I wrote for my latest project).  I can’t spell out what she was saying, but I can still hear it, and the memory is chill inducing as well

.Finally, the scene in the latest season where Jon beats the ever loving shit out of Ramsay Bolton is like Christmas Morning on repeat.  The Winterfell banners coming down again was sweet icing on a bloody cake, nor can I leave out Sansa’s satisfied smile as the bastard’s own dogs eat him alive.

Day 6: Favorite Song – I love the opening theme.  I have quite a few versions on my writing playlist, and I often listen to it on repeat.

Day 7: Favorite Episode – I really don’t think I can name one.  I don’t really think of the episodes as separate entities, but part of the greater whole for the story.  The season finale to 6 was pretty boss though.

Day 8: Least Favorite Male Character – Randyll Tarly.  This took some doing because while I detest Ramsay Bolton, think Euron Greyjoy is a complete monster, and am obviously not fond of Joffrey, they at least either have some Freudian Excuses (Ramsay and Joffrey) or are intriguing enough in their depravity (looking at you Euron) to warrant my interest.  Randyll is an absolute ass who exemplifies the Dickhead Dad motif even better than Tywin Lannister.  He threatened to kill his son Sam literally because he’s fat and scholarly, not considering that the latter is something the world needs and the former isn’t a crime.  Granted in this medieval based feudal society, I get the fat hate…kind of.  I mean it makes more sense than the fat hate we still have since people back then couldn’t understand all the mechanisms, but all the same, Randyll would’ve wasted an immense amount of genius just because his son didn’t live up to his literally bloody standards.

Shit I completely forgot about Qyburn!  The show paints him as much more charming, but holy fuck is he a Josef Mengele copy.  I have a pretty major issue with characters who experiment on other humans and treat them like specimens in case you didn’t know.  I think I may hate Qyburn more than Lord Randyll

Day 9: Least Favorite Female Character – Cersei Lannister, but I really don’t hate her.  Out of all the female characters I can think of I definitely like her the least.  Like some of the above, she does have some Freudian Excuses along with living in a deeply misogynistic society where the doorways don’t even exist if you’re a woman.  I believe this very mechanic made Cersei what she is, vindictive, spiteful, and wanting power for the sake of having power.  Because the belief exists that women can’t rule, Cersei thinks people are opposed to her rule due to this when in reality they’re opposed to it because she’s a shitty ruler.  It’s cyclical and maddening.  She doesn’t care about anyone other than herself and her children as extensions of herself, and while I think Tywin and feudal society shaped her into this, there are other female characters like Catelyn, Brienne, and Dany who defy it for the sake of ruling fairly.

Day 10: Stark or Lannister – Stark all the way.  Ironically, since my favorite character is Tyrion, but he’s sort of a Lannister outcast.  I like Jaime, too, but he’s on the outs as well since he lost his hand and defied his father.  I don’t like the Lannister attitude of superiority.  Tyrion never had it and Jaime lost it with his hand.

Day 11: A scene that made you cry – The Sansa rape scene.  That’s all I’m going to say.

Day 12: A scene that made you laugh – I laugh quite a lot with the show.  Anything with the Hound is often hilarious, and I quite enjoy the Jaime/Bronn dynamic and the Tyrion/Bronn one.  Bronn’s a good foil.

Day 13: Favorite Quote – I reference this one all the time.  It’s spoken by Tyrion in A Clash of Kings  and is frankly the way I view reality until and unless we can break the cycle..

“It all goes back and back,” Tyrion thought, “to our mothers and fathers and theirs before them. We are puppets dancing on the strings of those who came before us, and one day our own children will take up our strings and dance in our steads.”

Day 14: Favorite Ship – Rhaegar and Lyanna.  Should I break out some pictures?

I don’t think he abducted and raped her like Robert believed.  The dead king was a spurned lover; of course he’s going to think the worst.  Ned’s thoughts are the most telling as he doesn’t seem to harbor any ill will towards Rhaegar and it was his sister who was supposedly a victim of the prince’s desire.

I also love Brienne and Jaime, and I’m not averse to Dany and Jon.  I think the Jon/Sansa pairing is icky.  Even if they are cousins, they were raised as brother and sister.

Day 15: Favorite Friendship – Tyrion and Bronn as mentioned above, but I like the friendship/respect aspect of Jaime and Brienne’s relationship, too.  Also Sam and Jon.  Arya and the Hound was pretty bad ass.

Day 16: Favorite Scene – Um I just answered this in “Favorite Moment.”  I equate them to be similar enough.

Day 17: Most Annoying Character – Robert Arryn (Robin in the show).  Again he has the Freudian Excuses (it’s really common in this story, refer back to Tyrion’s quote).  He’s even more annoying in the books, but there are some interesting theories out there about his “seizures.”

Day 18: Most Naive Character – Sansa in the beginning.  She’s supposed to be the deconstruction of romanticism so it makes sense that she’d initially be naive.  Tommen is up there, too.  Poor sweet Tommen.

Day 19: A character that you like but used to hate – Jaime Lannister, but that’s the way his arc is shaped.  Also Melisandre.  While I still can’t stand the sanctimony of her Red God religion, her crisis of faith followed by the resurrection of Jon Snow made me see the Red Woman in different (fire) light.  Theon is in this category, too.  I can’t hate Theon after all he’s been through.  Yes, he did do some terrible things, but he did not deserve what he received.  No one deserves that.  Maybe Ramsay…

Day 20: A character that you hate but used to like – Catelyn Stark/Lady Stoneheart, though I can’t really say it’s hate.  I pity her, but disagree with what she’s doing.  Death turned her into the dark mother, and I can’t blame her for that, but now she’s pure vengeance without course or justice, and someone will eventually have to take her down.

Day 21: A character that you’d bring back to life – Is there any question that it would be Ned Stark?  He’s the number one, but I’d also love to see a world where Khal Drogo still lives as well as Dany’s and his child.  I wouldn’t have said this in the books, but Show Oberyn is on that list, too.  I loved his portrayal.

Day 22: A character that you’d kill – Euron Greyjoy.  He needs to be stopped like NOW.  False advent and dark apotheosis is on a bloody horizon.  Trust me.  I’m kind of an expert on the signs.

Day 23: Dragon or Wolves – This is literally a fire or ice question hehe.  I love all the direwolves, but I have to go with dragons.  Since I also think there’s going to be an ice dragon we may get the best of both worlds.

Day 24: Favorite Place – I’m partial to Winterfell, but I’d also hang out at the Citadel, since I’m a fan of libraries.  Of course I’d have to pull a Sarella/Alleras the Sphinx and masquerade as a boy, but it’s well worth it for the abundance of knowledge at hand.

Day 25: Best Warrior – Jon Snow is considered the best swordsman in the land, but the Hound was up there, too, and Brienne of Tarth beat the candy of him.  I would love to know if Jaime would’ve been a match for her when he had both hands.

Day 26: Best Strategist – Stannis Baratheon.  Pay no attention to what the show did to Stannis.  The technically rightful king of Westeros is a brilliant tactician and general.

Day 27: Favorite Death – Ramsay Bolton.  I really hate him.

Day 28: Saddest Death – Is there any question??!!!  Hodor D:  Like this poor man saw the instant of his death when he was a young boy and THAT’S ALL HE COULD SAY FROM THAT MOMENT FORWARD.  The more I think about it the more horrifying it is.  He said his last words for the rest of his life.

Day 29: Best “Game of Thrones” player – For now I have to give it to Littlefinger.  He’s playing everyone like a harp, though Sansa is (hopefully) becoming a tune to his game.

Day 30: Who you want to win the Game of Thrones – Okay so there’s not gong to be a “winner” per se, at least not in the books.  I think the entire feudal order is going to be completely obliterated, the Wall is coming to come down like Jericho, fire may rain from the sky, and the world will be made anew (like Euron says, but fucked if he’s going to be the new god.  Hell to the no).  In the end an entirely new order will be established by those who survive, and I don’t think there’s going to even be a throne, but if there is, Dany’s going to win it.

If you decide to do this, please tag me in your post so I can see your lovely answers!

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