Question of the Week: 10/2/16

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The Question of the Week is posted every Sunday and will consist of a question followed by my answer and explanation to the same.  Some questions will only require a simple answer that could potentially be followed by an explanation.  Many questions will be writer oriented, but not all.  Everyone is encouraged to answer in the comments and discussions/follow up questions are more than welcome!

What are you planning for your Halloween costume?

Yes, it’s finally that time of year again.  The god awful summer heat has broken, the days are growing shorter as the night encroaches upon the afternoon.  It’s wet and rainy in my corner of the world, but I’d take this any day over oppressive humidity, and it’s time to plan my Halloween costume!

I’m probably going to do a long neglected Cosplay Confessional post to flesh out the details of this (and to also discuss the alternative option).

After I saw Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens and loved it hard, I thought about how freaking easy it would be for me to be Finn.


I actually have really short hair.  *shock*  I know that silver hair is totally not mine lol.  All I really need is the jacket…which I just bought yesterday.  This is a marked difference from my Halloween costume last year, which was super elaborate and a wee bit expensive.

My alternate costume was Smokey Quartz, the newest fusion from Steven Universe.

But I’d need to find a gigantic yo-yo, buy a new wig, plus I don’t have three arms.  Granted, I’d just scrap the latter, but it would rankle me, because I’m a perfectionist.  I saw an amazing cosplay of this a few weeks ago, but I can’t find it.  Annoying.

What are you planning to be for Halloween?  Is it the typical “spooky” fare (e.g. witch, ghost, vampire, etc.) or is it a character/cosplay?

I look forward to your answers in the comments!

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24 thoughts on “Question of the Week: 10/2/16

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  2. I really need to get my shit together and figure out what I want to be this year. The last two Halloweens were stressful for me so I really want to sit back and enjoy this one. I was thinking about doing Liz Lemon from 30 Rock because people tell me I look like Tina Fey but that almost seems too easy. /sigh
    Your My Little Pony costume was adorable and I can’t to see Finn!
    *Going to start thinking hard on this costume business.*

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  3. Finn sounds like a neat idea! (I still haven’t seen the new Star Wars movie yet… *hangs head in shame*)

    I’m not very good at dressing myself up (I’m a typical INFJ I guess).. IRL, I only wear makeup on rare occasions since I find it a chore, haha. If I were rich, I’d buy one of those Lightning costumes on eBay and be the happiest person on the planet, lol Also dressing up as Joule from ReCore, Alice from the Resident Evil movies (Milla Jovovich was my idol as a teenager), or one of the Assassins from the AC games would be fun. Typing this makes me want to try to increase my costume wearing level.

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    • I didn’t get into Star Wars for real until that movie so no shame! I didn’t hate it, but it wasn’t one of my obsessions like half the geek world. Now that I’ve seen VII, I’m more into it, but I also liked the cartoons (Clone Wars and whatnot) better than the new trilogy, which I don’t even know why they did that lol. I wish Disney had owned it back then because VII (like another VII, haha, I HAD to) is perfect.

      Omg I totally agree. I don’t even put my contact lenses in unless I have plenty of time because I like to sleep longer in the mornings, and I feel weird wearing contacts without makeup. I’m so used to my face behind glasses that seeing it without them caused me quite a crisis initially. I HATE the way I looked, but I felt better with makeup. I’m actually not sure what my personality type is…I’ve taken the test a few times, but the result I got didn’t sit well with me, so I don’t even recall what it is.

      You should totally do Lightning one day since she’s your favorite character! Ah there’s this amazing cosplay of her. Let me see…ah here it is!

      I love this one because she’s with Snow. I remember asking the cosplayer/artist for permission to post on on that blog I mentioned above, since she asks that in the description. She was super sweet though and happy someone actually had read that and asked first 🙂

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      • Yeah I guess I never got into the whole makeup thing. I feel so fake when I wear it that it makes me upset for some reason. I’m weird I guess *shrugs* When I was younger, I took quite a few personality tests online to try and figure out what was wrong with me, lol. They all reached the INFJ conclusion and it perfectly describes me. I’m moody, like being alone with my thoughts, gain happiness whenever I can help someone, like forming deep friendships, etc. It’s also the rarest personality type in the world (a whopping 1-3% of the population are INFJs) so it explains why I felt so alone growing up.

        That cosplay is awesome!! I just have to point out that if Snow tried to hold Lightning like that in the game, he would most likely be crying on the ground shortly after, lol

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        • I look so different it is like seeing another person. I kind of like the transformative nature of it, but I can definitely understand feeling artificial. It’s also expensive and time consuming. I…once spent $200 for one Halloween costume *hides in shame* but I still have a lot of it and haven’t dropped that much money since. I’m also really annoyed at the one place that had the best foundation for me MAC. They started doing business in China again, which mandates they do animal testing grrrr. So unnecessary, but there’s Sephora, which I like for more reasons besides it kind of sounds like Sephiroth hehe.

          A lot of those sound like me, but I don’t get that one. I know I’m IN– but I don’t recall the last two or I could be wrong on the N. I know I’m definitely introverted. That’s not even an argument, though I can fake outgoing to trick people. It’s wearisome though. Talking to friends online though isn’t energy consuming at all. It’s so much less pressure, because I don’t have to “on,” you know? Face to face is like having to do this song and dance, and it’s exhausting.

          Tee hee, yeah Lightning doesn’t NOT seem like a lady who would be into that at all :p I don’t know very much about the XIII story but I thought Snow was with Serah? I know already know a pretty big spoiler about Serah, too (if she’s whom I thinking of), but it won’t be a deterrent to my enjoyment of the game.

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          • The few occasions when I do wear makeup, a small part of me secretly enjoys watching people’s jaws drop since they are so use to seeing me without it, lol. No shame in spending money on what was probably an epic Halloween costume! There’s more things that scare me about makeup: what the heck to they put in it? And how many poor animals have been coated in the the stuff for testing purposes? 😦 Now for some reason I want a FFVII inspired makeup line released…

            Yep, I have learned to feign extrovert too (I also learned alcohol really helps with that by the way *evil laugh*). I understand extroverted people get offended if I turn down social invitations, and they don’t get why I’m so “quiet” all the time. I saw a funny T-Short online with the slogan “I may be quiet, but my mind is LOUD”. I agree completely! I prefer online interaction and texting. There’s less pressure since I have time to think of a good response. Shortly after IRL conversations, something awesome usually pops into my head that I wish I could’ve said.

            We find out early in the game that Snow and Serah are the love story in FFXIII. Lightning is a rare female protagonist who isn’t focused on chasing after a love interest. Props to Square for creating a unique female character for once! lol What was the spoiler? I don’t want to risk telling you more spoilers by guessing. I really can’t wait to read your opinions on the game when you get around to playing it.

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            • Omg I love taking makeup selfies. I’ll admit it to no shame. Honestly, I didn’t actually start liking the way I looked until the advent of the selfie, because I can hold the camera the way I want and take as many pictures as I need until I get it perfect. It’s like editing for my image!

              I definitely have no issue spending money for costumes! It’s why it’s taking so long for me to do my Sephiroth one. That and some stupid health problems *grumble* but I got an idea from a Deviant Art friend who also did one, and it revved me up for it again. I was having a huge dilemma about what to do with my, er, chest, since I’m quit busty, and the answer is leather corset. I don’t need an excuse to buy them. Ugh, my tastes far exceed my budget :p

              Isn’t it funny that introverts are generally better at understanding extroverts than the opposite? I can understand how it works, but it just doesn’t work for me. It’s honestly not a rude thing. It’s an “I’m overwhelmed and need my safe space” thing or as I also like to say it “Stay out of my hamster ball!” After IRL conversations, I achingly go over everything stupid I might have said and think the person I talked to was highly offended or something like that. I don’t get that with written conversations or not as much, and I most definitely suffer from l’esprit d’escalier (spirit of the staircase), where you think of something amazing to say after the conversation is over. I also have anxiety on top of this, and one of the (many) things people with that do is construct conversations you’ll probably never have in your head. They NEVER go the way you expect. I didn’t know this was a common thing. It was like a list of 11 or so.

              I believe I heard that Serah dies, and there’s something with the F’alcie (probably butchering that spelling). I really like the Lightning doesn’t have a love interest. That reminds me of Terra from VI. She’s arguably the main character of the game, and there’s no official canon pairing with her. Now that I’m older I’m actually not as happy with the canon pairing for Celes who’s my favorite character and (from you’ve told me) seems very Lightning-like. Her canon pairing is very much a Leia/Han situation, and it makes me grumpy hehe. This also may be due to my FFVI fanfiction friend who pairs her with someone I like far better.

              You’ll be the first person I talk to when I do!

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              • Secretly, I do as well. My Farcebook picture is how I look maybe once or twice a year lol A small part of me like the unusual attention I guess.

                Silly budgets always have to put a damper on things… sigh

                I think it’s beacuse extroverts project out into the world so we know what they are thinking. We are always thinking within ourselves so others have no idea what we are pondering. I’m the same way after conversations. If I have a meeting with someone planned, I’ve usually played out many scenarios in my head on how it will go down, before it even happens, lol

                I’m not going to say anything about FFXIII’s plot *whistles innocently* You almost made me buy a copy of VI from eBay. Then I remembered I probably wouldn’t have time to play until sometime next year… sigh

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                • I liked what you said in your Blogger Award post about being an introvert but wearing your heart on your sleeve like an extrovert. That’s a perfect description, and I think it’s one of the reasons I am introverted, because that exposed heart gets hurt so often! There was this thing going around Farcebook (tee hee I still love that) where you were supposed to post three characters you identified with. One of mine was Tyrion from Game of Thrones because he very much wears his heart on his sleeve and attempts to use jokes and bravado to cover up his pain *points to self* I’ve been thinking about that post for the past few weeks actually. I might do a WP post on it because I could elaborate on why. With FB I just posted it with no explanation and no one really asked, but it would be interesting to talk about!

                  And VI is another long game, at least 40 hours, but I can’t not recommend it!

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                  • I use jokes all the time to hide my aching feelings. I hate to admit it, but I’ve never read GoT or seen any of the shows *hides from angry mob* It’s another thing I wish I had more time to explore. I’ve read somewhere that Jon Snow is an INFJ though. That post sounds like it would be interesting!

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                    • Game of Thrones and its basis A Song of Ice and Fire is a freaking life commitment. It will take over your life and suck up all your time. It’s my second favorite story though behind FFVII, and I actually think it’s the best story I’ve ever heard, which was hard for me to admit for a long time because VII held that title! But Song has similar paradigms, but more examples of them. My rationale was if you have one air conditioner your room is going to be cold, but if you have five, it’s going to be even colder, so more examples of awesome in repeat is greater awesome. Oh lord, I’m butchering this in simplicity. I wish I had time to work on my Song of VII essays that do the comparative thing. Soon enough.

                      You know who I realized Jon Snow reminds me of? Squall. When I posted my FF tarot this week I thought of that. The moody-broody thrust into a leadership position at a young age object of affection of an overly zealous girl, unknown parentage, chosen one/savior. I was so caught up on VII that I didn’t consider that until today! I can’t talk about the time loop thing that Song and VIII share even though Song’s is suuuuuper messed up, but I have plans for another essay on that D:

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