Final Fantasy Friday: Final Fantasy Tarot – VII The Chariot

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This is my current Final Fantasy Friday post where I’ll be discussing which characters I think exemplify each card of the Major Arcana.  If this is your first time here, please head over to my Final Fantasy Tarot page for explanation.  Now onto the next card!

VII The Chariot


*The picture of Kuja is entitled Kuja Leaving Burmecia by Deviant Artist Grypwolf

This one was very difficult.  I initially planned to use one of the airships, and indeed I strongly considered FFIX’s Prima Vista, but the more I read into the card, the more I realized that it was  person I sought and not a conveyance (sorry Boco guessers hehe, though he is kind of both!).

I had to use another site besides The Great Wiki for insight, and once I did, I realized I required someone with regal bearing, and with Kuja we have both that and a conveyance (huh, he has silvery hair, deep blue eyes, and he rides a dragon.  Another secret Targaryen).  Add together the below descriptions, and my choice became clear:

“Your aim is victory, and to be victorious you must have unwavering confidence in your cause. Never question, never doubt what you’re trying to achieve. Never lose your focus or your motivation.”

“One thing more you should keep in mind…Victory is not the end, it is the beginning. Remember that before you decide to enter into any contest.”

The Chariot is about getting what you want regardless the costs and using any tools at your disposal in order to do so.  There seems to be a connection between this card and The Magician and not just because the characters are from the same game, since with the second major arcana, the means are gathered, and with The Chariot they’re used.  The fact that The Magician is Garland and I picked Kuja for The Chariot is curious though, since Garland gave Kuja the means to seek his desires, though that led to the old man’s grief.

Kuja has absolutely no problem kidnapping princesses, killing queens, leveling cities, and even destroying worlds in order to achieve his ends, though unfortunately, like most lost children, the core cause for his behavior is juvenile in addition to undeniably sad.  He was created for destruction and could never “override his programming.”  While his “brother” Zidane might be a good contender for The Fool, it is Kuja who is far more foolish, though his saving grace in the very end is he finally realizes that.

This was a tough one this week so nobody guessed either the person or the game, but there seems to be a lot of love for Bobby Corwen, so hopefully this won’t disappoint 😀


Next week is VIII Strength, and there is a huge clue in the card’s picture for whom I’ve picked.  Happy guessing!

<–VI The Lovers                                                                                     VIII Strength–>



8 thoughts on “Final Fantasy Friday: Final Fantasy Tarot – VII The Chariot

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  2. Uh, I’m going to say Red XIII and be completely wrong, lol

    I wish work would give me paid time off to catch up on the many FF games I haven’t played yet… *keeps dreaming*

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  3. Kuja, interesting. Your description makes sense, though I never could have guessed Kuja for that. I’m interested to hear what airship you would hack picked! Bobby Corwen forever! Red XIII seems like the right pick. Looks like lighningnightnova already guessed that, so I’ll go with Squall Leonhart.

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    • It took me a while to realize it, but once I found that other website, it made sense!

      I would’ve gone with the Prima Vista so still from IX. That may be my favorite airship, but I’m going to wait until I get through all of the games before I make that official. The Invincible is pretty cool, too, but it’s got that super creepy, otherworld/alien vibe going on, and it’s a ship of destruction thing going on, too sooo yeah. Hm, that might be a good Question of the Week though *thinking*

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