Halloween Fun Time

This is a little questionnaire I borrowed (stole hehe) from my girl Cupcakes and Machetes.  Tis the season right?  I’ll copy her (again) and post the questions without answers for easier acquisition.  Please feel free to borrow/steal this for your own enjoyment!

  1. What scent sets the holiday mood?
  2. Favorite Halloween Fun Size Candy Bar?
  3. Favorite Halloween movie?
  4. Favorite seasonal sweet?
  5. What toppings are on the perfect candy apple?
  6. What’s your favorite costume you ever wore on Halloween?
  7. Most enjoyable fall tradition?
  8. Pumpkin Patch Hayride or Haunted Hayride?
  9. What song is a must for a Halloween Party Playlist?
  10. Favorite Halloween Monster: Dracula, Frankenstein, etc.?
  11. Cider or Cocoa?
  12. Scary movies or Scaredy cat?
  13. Pumpkin Spice: Yum, or Yuck?
  14. Which is scariest: Spiders, Zombies, or Clowns?
  15. Best find in your Trick or Treat bag?
  16. Worst thing to get in your Trick or Treat bag?

1. What scent sets the holiday mood?

Apple spice hands down is October/fall for me.

Autumn in a jar

Autumn in a jar

2.  Favorite Halloween Fun Size Candy Bar?

Milky way.  Mmmmm so good.  I could eat like 50 of them, which utterly negates the fun size.


3.  Favorite Halloween Movie?

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.  That’s if we’re talking the type of movies you watch around Halloween time.  If so, yes, this is my favorite horror musical.


4.  Favorite seasonal sweet?

I think I covered this in my last Question of the Week!  Mellowcreme pumpkins.  Mmm I can hear my teeth screaming now.

Yes, these guys

5.  What toppings are on the perfect candy apple?

I’m perfectly fine with just caramel.  I can’t think of anything else I would need.


6.  What’s your favorite Halloween costume?

I have to go with my staple of dark angel.  It’s my fallback if I’m ever in a pinch, and I always have clothes for it available, because I’m a not-so-secret goth.


7.  Most enjoyable fall tradition?

Planning and dressing up for Halloween.  I love that it’s a holiday you can celebrate regardless of your religion or lack thereof (even though it is based around Samhain).  You’re not obligated to deal with potentially bigoted relatives.  You get to eat candy and drink with your friends all the while dressing up as whatever the hell you want.  Like seriously, what is the downside and why isn’t this a month long event/celebration?

8.  Pumpkin Patch Hayride or Haunted Hayride?

Pumpkin patch.  I have no desire to have the stuffing scared out of me (wuss puss over here), and I love pumpkin picking.


9.  What song is a must for a Halloween Party Playlist?

Thriller is a nonnegotiable.

10.  Favorite Halloween Monster?

I’d probably have to go with Dracula for this one since vampires are pretty high on my list.  Wasn’t I just talking about a hot vampire?

11.  Cider or Cocoa?

Cider all the way.  Not that I don’t like cocoa, but apple spice was my first answer.


12.  Scary movies or Scaredy cat?

Like I said, I’m a big old wuss puss, though of course I can’t make sense and am obsessed with all things Lovecraftian and eldritch.


13.  Pumpkin spice: Yum or yuck?

Yum.  I like apple spice better, but I don’t understand the hatred towards pumpkin spice.  It’s a decent flavor and clearly keeps Starbucks in business.

14.  Which is scariest: spiders, zombies, or clowns?

Well clowns seem to be competing for the scariest things out there.  Like wtf is going on with that?  But I’d have to say zombies because the shambling undead just rips through layers of horror all the way down to the uncanny valley.  They can also make you one of them!  Neither of the others one do that…unless it’s a radioactive spider and then you turn into Spider-Man.  Omg…imagine a zombie clown that was bitten by a radioactive spider D:

15.  Best find in your Trick or Treat Bag?

A whole Milky Way candy bar.  None of this fun sized shit :p


16.  Worst thing to get in your Trick or Treat Bag?

Dental floss or a pamphlet about how fat kids shouldn’t get candy.  One, I can buy my own dental floss and two, wtf is wrong with you?

Have fun!


20 thoughts on “Halloween Fun Time

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  2. Who the hell hands out dental floss on Halloween? Seriously, they are asking for a good old fashioned egging!

    I have a weakness for the tasty Pumpkin Spice things. My coworker makes these Pumpkin Spice Cream Cheese filled cookie things. He brought some in yesterday, and I couldn’t stop smiling after I ate one. So good!

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    • Terrible people. Just…terrible. I have this recipe for pumpkin chocolate chip cookies that use pumpkin pie mx. They’re soft, cakey and delicious. I try to only make cookies once a year, because they’re so delicious I want to devour them all. Pumpkin spice cream cheese filled sounds absolutely divine!

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  3. lol Your answer to question 14 made me chuckle. Very good point! It was also funny to me because Marvel did a limited series called “Marvel Zombies” and Spider-Man was one of the zombie heroes. All they needed to do was add a little clown into the mix and your answer would have been a thing! 😛

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