The One Lovely Blog Award

Once again, not one, but two wonderful fellow bloggers have graced and flattered me with a nomination!  I received the first one from retr0pia a week ago and the second today from I ♥ Old Games, and I can’t express how thankful I am to both of them!  The links go to their own One Lovely Blog Award posts and therefore sites, which you should check out.  They’re both retro gaming focused, but that doesn’t mean they’re not up and up on what’s fresh and new.


The One Lovely Blog Award requires the nominee to divulge several facts about themselves then nominate other blogs/bloggers to do the same.  It creates a potentially never ending cycle of sharing and positivity, something there can never be enough of in the world.

1.  I use a mouse upside down.


The way it’s oriented in this picture is how I use it.  It was just instantly natural for me to do so, and I discovered this when I played Mario Paint.  I automatically held the mouse so the buttons faced me and up moves the cursor down and down moves the cursor up.  I have no clue why this makes sense to my weirdly wired brain except to assume my brain is just weirdly wired.  I can use it “properly” if I switch to my left hand, but then I have that left hand awkwardness.  Using it upside down with my left hand is like using it right side up with my right.  I’m a mess.

2.  In addition to fanfiction I’ve also written an original paranormal romance novel.

“Original” might be up for debate, but it’s no more unoriginal than anything else out there.  The questionable status comes from the story being wholly inspired by FFVII/Aeriseph fanfiction, both others and mine, but I think only people familiar with the game and that pairing would ever figure that out.  The novel is currently shelved, but it’s on my extensive life to-do list to reedit and eventually re-query to agents.  For now I have a WIP fanfiction to edit and an original short story to submit.  I probably have around 50 story ideas in various states of detail stored in notes.  Writing in my life.

3.  I drive a black 2007 Nissan Murano.


The above picture isn’t my car, but this is essentially what it looks like.  It’s my first SUV.  I wanted a mighty vehicle that could crush my enemies, but was also environmentally friendly.  Sadly, it only potentially fulfills one of those conditions, but I love it anyway.  Now that I’ve tasted that SUV life, it’s so hard to go back to driving or riding in a car.  Why am I so low to the ground like the commoners??!  What is going on??  My only major issue with the car is it doesn’t have an auxiliary port so I have to play my iPhone through the radio.  This…is such a petty complaint though and I know it.

3.  I have two cats who resemble Garfield and Nermal.





Kin-mei is a grumpy 13 year old buff-orange tabby who’s at least 1/2-3/4 Siamese, and he’s smarter than I am.  His name means “gold eyes” in Japanese (though they’re more green), and I love him more than anything.  I’ve had him for the entirety of those 13 years, and he’s still going strong.

Cid is a brown tabby who’s adorably dumb as a rock.  That’s really not fair.  It’s just that I’m used to Kin-mei’s brilliance, so Cid’s ordinary kitty intelligence seems dull.  Cid also consistently falls off of window sills.  Yes, he is named after the ubiquitous Cid of Final Fantasy fame.  It was a toss up between that and Cecil.  Cid has really green eyes and a tiny face.  He looks like an ever kitten, and he drives Kin-mei up the wall.

I love cats, but I love dogs, too.  I don’t have the time, energy, or money to have a dog right now, plus Kin-mei would be most displeased.  I’m a animal lover who doesn’t discriminate.  Even ones I don’t “like” e.g. snakes, tarantulas, ferrets, lizards, etc.  It’s not that I don’t like them; they’re just not my pet of choice, but not liking an animal doesn’t give one license to hurt it 😡

4.  I was once shocked by an NES.


I literally had Nintendo power running through my veins *hides*  Yes, the Nintendo looked like the one above, because we all know eventually you had to finagle the system in order to get the games to work, and it was just easier when the top was off.  Well I touched something and got a little jolt.  It only ever happened once, but then again, I never touched anything on the motherboard ever again so who knows.

5.  I always wear or have some kind of fandom thing on me at all times.

Angel Wing Pin

I almost always wear this pin.  I used to have a Black Materia necklace until it broke (I need to buy a new, bigger one).  I have several T-shirts, too.  If all else fails, I’m always “wearing” my tattoos, which are FFVII based.  I have five of them right now and will eventually have seven.  I own three Masamunes.  I once drove round trip 200 miles and spent $600 in one weekend because my BFF found a Sephiroth figurine I’d been searching for for years.  I bought two ($300 a piece) and sold the second one for $650 on Amazon.  Profit.

6.  I wear wigs like all the time.

Not because I don’t have hair or anything.  I do and it’s short.  I just like having the ability to change the length and color on a whim and pretty much do whatever the hell I want.  Currently, my hair color is silver…could have probably put this in the fact above.

7.  I have a little bit of musical talent.


I took piano lessons from five to fourteen and was in choir all through grade school and college.  I’m not remotely a musical prodigy or anything like that, but I absolutely loved it and I miss it.  My voice has been kind of wonky lately, so even casual singing has been an issue.  I think it may be due to the over abundance of coffee I consume, which I’m trying to cut back on.

I have a weird knack for hearing similarities in songs that have nothing to do with the other like this example here. 

I’ve been trying to teach myself Aeris’s Theme on piano for the past few years.  It’s more of a time constraint than anything else.  I’m also not great at reading music.  I’ll just memorize the melody in both singing and playing, but I’m actually quite good at memorizing words regardless of if they’re in a foreign language or not, so singing in Latin or German isn’t too much of a problem.  If I read the words while I’m singing enough times, later on if I sing without them, I’ll be able to see the words in my head.

I’ve got this weird auditory memory that will often dredge up things I haven’t heard in 30+ years.  Even the cadence of non-musical words get stuck in my brain.

The Nominees

This is an optional side quest.  You can still beat the game without it. If you’ve already received the treasure from this side quest elsewhere, feel free to skip.

Evil Wizard, Esq.

Cupcakes and Machetes

Ignited Moth

The Ink Garden

Nintendo Bound

Husband & Husband

Cheap Boss Attack

The Rules:

  1. Write an article accepting the award.
  2. Thank the person you nominated you and put a link to their blog.
  3. Tell the reader seven facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate other blogs for the award.
  5. Let them know that you nominated them.
  6. Post the rules to let your followers know how it works.

27 thoughts on “The One Lovely Blog Award

  1. Me and my family actually own two pets ourselves, both of them being a labrador and a catahula pitbull and named Eddy and West respectively. Eddy has a long history of crotchety and somewhat violent behavior, while West lacks any sort of coherent attention span. They can both be difficult at times, but we still love them and consider them part of our family nontheless. Thanks for giving out your tidbits!

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    • Pets are definitely family, and I’ve heard that labs can have violent tendencies sometimes more on average than pitties whose treatment makes ME very crotchety. My cats love to steal any food they can get their little paws on, and cats have absolutely no sense of shame whatsoever so when caught they just run away often looking at me as if to say “What’s your problem?” I couldn’t imagine life without their antics.

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  2. I think you’re the only person I know that uses the mouse upside down even if it could be a good idea if you play flight simulator games. I tried to rotate my mouse after reading your answer but the result was an incredible mess…

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    • I’ve never met anyone else who does it! I’m searching for the society of people who use upside down mice, but alas I may have to start this order myself.

      What’s weird is I have no problem using the mouse pad on my laptop, and logically it makes sense that you slide up to move the cursor up and vice versa, but I naturally just do the opposite.

      If I ever play a flight simulation game, I’ll let you know the results! I…think I have, and I’m not better at them then any other. In fact if I were playing a game like Looping (whoa dating myself here hehe) I have to actively think about it. Like I said, I’m mess :p

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  3. Totally doing this when I have a chance! That was fun AND interesting.
    I’ll have to post my new vehicle to vanquish my enemies. Technically she’s an antique but she looks like something out of Mad Max. 🙂
    The fact that you use your mouse upside down makes my eye twitch lol. I can’t even imagine!

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    • It is! Usually the blog nomination awards have a set, er, set of questions. This one I just had to come up with my own things.

      Haha, I can’t even explain why I do it outside of what I’ve already offered. It’s so much easier with wireless mice I’ll tell you. No cord to get in the way.

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  4. Awww, your kitties are soo cute!! ^_^ I love the description of them being like Garfield and Nermal. Too perfect! Interesting facts, too.
    Thank you for the nominee!! That’s awesome. I am so doing this sometime this week when I have time to sit down and work on it! 😀

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    • It actually took me a while to notice it lol. Once I did, I couldn’t imagine how I’d missed it for so long. We adopted Cid because Kin-mei was being destructive e.g. knocking over the trashcan and whatnot. We thought him having a little brother/sister would help. There was actually an older calico female we were interested in adopting, but she was a bit standoffish when we went to the shelter. Cid was super friendly and purry, though we weren’t planning on getting a kitten. I think he was six months when we got him. He’s five now and STILL acts like a kitten.

      I can’t wait to see your answers!

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  5. Neat! I never thought to hold a mouse like that. I held a controller upside down once in order to beat the last boss in Beyond Good and Evil.

    Your SUV could probably crush my little Cobalt. I get to drive SUVs at work sometimes, and I do feel like a bit of a commoner when I got back to my car. haha

    Your kitties are adorable! I’d like to get a dog too but I don’t have the space for one. Dogs need more attention, while cats are happy doing whatever they want (with or without the human that feeds them, lol). When I was growing up in the country, I had two German Shepherds. Such beautiful and intelligent creatures.

    As someone who has an Electronics diploma, I’ve been shocked many times. I’ve also see capacitors shoot across my classroom, and microchips melting in a fusion of sparks and bubbling silicon. Electricity is a powerful beast.

    Wearing wigs sounds like a good plan. You get to have whatever hairstyle/colour you want, without wasting time, energy, and money.

    Good luck with learning Aeris’s Theme!

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    • I love sharing the mouse thing in hopes I’ll find another backwards mouse user. It hasn’t happened yet, but I remain hopeful!

      But you’re not my enemy D: I have this random scenario in my head of a super villain dressed for the part going to a car dealership demanding a vehicle that can crush their enemies BUT is also environmentally friendly. I wish I had some drawing talent, because I think it would make a funny comic. I also have a scenario where a super villain is planning some world takeover in his tower of evil, but he’s “thwarted” when he finds a litter of adorable kittens. I think I think about super villains waaaaaay too much.

      I would love a dog, but exactly what you said. They need a LOT of attention. Cats pretty much take care of themselves. You kind of just have to do maintenance with a cat. I love huskies, though they wouldn’t go well with my kitties. Too high of a prey drive. My favorite breed is the bulldog, though I don’t like how they’ve been overbred. Those adorable smush faces though ♥♥

      I lucked out with the Nintendo then! That was the one time it shocked me. I have managed other adventures with my curiosity (speaking of cats). Back when portable cameras were still a thing, I remember pulling back the plastic that covered the flash charge and pressing the metal with my bare finger. It zapped me good. There’s also a tried and true method of testing whether a 9 volt battery is good by putting your tongue on the ports. All of these misadventures are so not intelligent, but I have to admit I’ve done them.

      Ack the wig thing makes me life so simple and people expect my hair color and length to just change with the wind.

      I’m hoping I can get back to practicing soon! it’s been too long. I think I’m balked by the fact I have to set the keyboard up and take it down each and every time.

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      • I’m sure there is another one out there! I hope you find your kindred mouse user someday.

        That comic would be hilarious and entertaining. It’s boring thinking about heroes all the time. Besides the super villains make the heroes.

        Huskies are my favourite breed but I’ve never had one. Unless of course you count the one I had on Nintendogs for the DS, lol

        One of my projects for college was to rewire one of those disposable cameras into a strobe light. Let’s just say that big capacitor really holds a damn charge! I’ve heard of some veteran electricians touching live wires to tell how much voltage they have. Ouch!

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        • I really wish I had some artistic talent hehe, but I could always just write up the script and hope for the best one day.

          Truth! Without super villains you wouldn’t need heroes, besides evil is sexy :p

          I love huskies and their super blue eyes. It’s like nature decided to give a particular dog breed Mako eyes lol. If I ever had one I’d have to name him Zack because of the blue eyes and puppiness. It would be perfect.

          I’m shocked (omg…) that a disposable camera is so loaded! I guess it has to be in order to make the flash strong enough, but I never considered that you’d need such a large charge for that. This is who much I know about electricity.

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          • I really wish I could draw. I have a lot of images floating around in my brain that I would love to put on paper. I’ve tried and stick figures are the best I can do, lol

            Zack would be a fitting Husky name! Ifn i ever win the lottery, I will have a Husky and a German Shepherd in my mansion by the sea.

            *resists urge to explain how capacitors work* I sort of regret taking electronics instead of psychology, but I still enjoyed learning about how electronic stuff works.

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            • Me too. I had a not so great experience with a commission, and there are so many pictures in my head I’d love to see come to life. I don’t think I’m going to go for another commission any time soon unless I can make triply sure that the artist will contact me if they have any issues rather than just going forward. Arg, I still get annoyed about that. I don’t mind paying the money, but if I’m going to do that, I want what I want. It also doesn’t help that she said she’d tried to fix it and get back to me, and that was more than three months ago :\

              I’ve always been fascinated with how things work whether they be electronics, engines, or the brain. They’re all essentially just a type of machine, well electricity is more of an energy or a process, but you get my meaning 🙂

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              • I was considering a commission once, but feared the bad experiences. That woman you dealt with sounds like a real winner…

                Our brain is pretty much a series of electrical impulses. I’ve seen fascinating stuff about artificial limbs that are designed to be controlled by the brain’s signals. This technology could really improve the lives of many people! 🙂

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                • What sucks the most is that she was really nice, and I suck at being mean to people who come off as really nice. If she ever directly asked me (for some reason) why I haven’t commissioned her again, I’d tell her…in the nicest way possible. I’m just most irritated because it was specifically what I asked for, and I didn’t get it. If she’d put in something that I didn’t say yea or nay to, different story. Ah well.

                  Yep, electrical impulses and chemicals. Anything that can improve people’s lives is wonderful in my book. I’m all about science being the tool for a better future…you know so long as bioethics exist 😉

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  6. Ahhh yes, the woes of learning music by ear. I learned Aeris’s Theme long ago when my piano proficiency was a little better without knowing who Aeris was at all. I still haven’t played FFVII, but I should probably get around to it sooner than later. My backlog of games is getting a bit ridiculous at this point.

    Your cats are the cutest. I’m very allergic to most animals with fur, so we’ve been limited to only having fish. I’ve always loved cats and dogs though. I might jump on the immunotherapy boat one of these days and try for success with that.

    I am also a tremendous fan of your SUV. I drove a sedan for many years while trying to save up for a house and bought a compact SUV a few years ago. I love it. I can fit so much more cargo now! After moving with a sedan and hating every moment of that experience, I will never go back. SUVs for life!

    I actually just bought my second (ever) gaming t-shirt the other day. It’s this one: and I am so so excited to finally have something Vivi-related! I’m a huge fan of subtlety.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I found the music online! I’m able to bang out basic melodies, but I obviously want to do more than that. It’s been probably over a year since I’ve done any practicing so it would be like I was starting over. Ah well. One day I’ll have time. I also printed out Tifa’s Theme and To Zanarkand from FFX. The latter one looks the easiest. Tifa’s Theme has some very difficult parts and Aeris’s has this section that’s all triplets D:

      Well VII’s remake should be out in a year or so, but I’m all for the original or the slightly modified one on Steam. I’m okay with the old style graphics since I grew up on it, and seeing what kind of games you post about, I don’t think that will be a problem for you either 🙂

      I’m a little allergic, too! But then I think I have more than just cat allergies. It’s one of those things where I know I have an allergy, but I just weather through it. I can understand people who can’t or don’t want to. It would suck to be a animal lover and be so allergic you couldn’t stand to be near them.

      Ah I love my car! It’s actually not too big either. It’s a mid size SUV I think? So about the length of a large car like a Crown Victoria. I don’t think I’d be comfortable in something huge like a Suburban, which is like the literal size of the suburbs hehe. I don’t think I could ever go back either. My husband has car jealousy :p

      Ahhh I love that shirt ♥♥♥ I only currently have FFVII/Sephiroth shirts, but there are definite other ones I’d buy. There’s one floating around Facebook that says “My patronus is a chocobo,” so combining FF and HP, which is a total win in my book. Vivi is a great character, too. I can’t wait until I get to replay XI for review/analysis. I have a LOT to say about him and everybody. It might be more of a dissertation.

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  7. Your cats are so cute! Aww. ❤

    I'm sorry about your voice – I hope it'll improve. Let me know if cutting back on coffee helps; I've been drinking a lot of it lately, too . . . not that I've been singing much lately, heh, so I wouldn't know if there's an issue.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, I love them even though Kin-mei hates me still lol. He’s currently sleeping at the foot of the bed. I’m hoping Cid doesn’t come in a bother him like he loves to do.

      Cutting back on it has definitely helped! I’m still a little creaky because of allergy season, but it’s not nearly as bad. Coffee is really acidic and does a number on your vocal chords.

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Congratulations! Well deserved. I love it when people relish their oddities, from now on I shall imagine you writing with your upside-down mouse, wearing your silver wig, while Garfield sits being sarcastic on your shoulder. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! I mean tbh that’s pretty much what goes on lol. I’m pretty sure cats would be super sarcastic if they could talk and/or speak in riddles only they’d understand or know the answer to. I’m still not entirely convinced that cats can’t talk and just choose not to out or pure spite.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I think you may well be right. One day someone will be sitting with friends having a conversation and their cat will butt in impatiently with something like “I think you’ll find the word is ‘infer’ not ‘imply’.” And then we’ll know. We just need to irritate them enough with our stupidity.


  9. Congratulations! You truly have One Lovely Blog! I love your tidbits about yourself. That mouse thing again! Oh my goodness, after it confused me so much the first time I heard about it, hahaha! I love it though. I’m always going to associate that with you! Also, you were shocked by an NES? How intense, haha. Your cats are adorable! Keep up the excellent, lovely work, as always!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It appears my infamy with a mouse is spreading across the internet realm mwahahah. I’m…not sure how well this “super power” is going to aid me in world conquest, but I’ve always been resourceful :p

      *sigh* The “Nintendo Power” joke went on for quite a few years. My brother and cousin were relentless. Now I find it amusing.

      Thanks for all your lovely comments!

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