Final Fantasy Friday: Final Fantasy Tarot – X The Wheel of Fortune

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This is my current Final Fantasy Friday post where I’ll be discussing which characters I think exemplify each card of the Major Arcana.  If this is your first time here, please head over to my Final Fantasy Tarot page for explanation.  Now onto the next card!

X The Wheel of Fortune


Picture of Setzer is located here at The Cosplay House

No this is not due to my silver hair/black clothes fetish.  I actually was never into Setzer from VI until very recently when I started reading a fellow fanfiction writer’s story I’m the Darkness, You’re the Starlight that pairs him and my favorite, Celes (whom I haven’t used yet…), but this post is not about that.

Who else could I pick for the Wheel of Fortune but a gambler who takes the highest stakes of all?  The Wheel is a card of luck and changing fortunes, and not only does the gambler encompass that, but so does the very world in which he dwells.  It goes from balance to ruin at the shift of a statue, but even in the darkness all is not lost.

The card itself is the only one in the Rider Waite deck to have the words “tarot” etched on it in a round, and it only says so if you literally come back again to that first “t.”  It could also spell “rota,” which means “wheel,” so the card is double meta.  It names the deck and it names itself, and the Wheel of Fortune (besides being a well known game show) is the focus in a song nearly everyone has heard, the line in question being “rota tu volubilis” (You whirling wheel.)

For some reason only my two year ago self knows, I was going to pick the Sphere Grid from FFX for this card probably because it resembles a convoluted wheel?  I don’t know how the two year’s younger Narcissist’s mind works, but in the parted haze my current mental machinations, I realized there would be no better choice than a man who’s very occupation is luck.  Ante up.

Mr. Panda guessed it correctly this week!  While I’m not certain of the tally, I have a feeling that he may be in the lead.  Next week is the half point, and I’ll give a detailed breakdown then.

Next week is XI Justice, which seems simple in concept, but is far more complicated in application.

Happy guessing!

<–IX The Hermit                                                                                          XI Justice–>


7 thoughts on “Final Fantasy Friday: Final Fantasy Tarot – X The Wheel of Fortune

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  2. I’ll never catch up to the mighty Mr. Panda now… He’s just too awesome at guessing these. 🙂

    I’m going to say Judge Gabranth since that’s who popped into my head when I read “Justice” for some reason… I get points for trying, right? lol

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  3. Oh wow, yay! It was a gamble choosing Setzer, but I’m glad the risk paid off. Setzer is perfect for the Wheel of Fortune, and you describe why well! I’m also a general fan of the guy so I’m glad he has representation in this tarot deck of yours! For the next one, I have no clue, but I’ll say Basch from FFXII?

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